Cancer and autoimmune diseases, in some respects can be thought of as ‘wake-up’ diseases.  By that I mean that they are a ‘wake-up call’ to the patient that his or her life is out of control—that they have major life-style issues and they MUST be addressed for good health to return.

These chronic diseases should also be a ‘wake-up’ call to the medical profession.  The old attitudes of domineering arrogance are fading and the resistance to new ideas (both complimentary and mainstream) is diminishing.  The resistance now is mostly the orientation of Big Pharma to aggressively fight any change which threatens their profits—even, and especially, against the protocols that allow sick people to make a complete recovery—and be free of a reliance on drugs.

The agenda of Big Pharma is to make profits not to make people well. Sick people bring in money; healthy people stop paying, so there is a natural vested interest. In ancient China and India, healers/practitioners were paid a stipend by the community people when they were well and stopped when they were sick.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

This way of dispensing health promoted the attitude of being a ‘servant’ to others and while it potentially meant less income as it was a community support, it certainly promoted more community cohesion.  Many pioneers in the health field have attempted to go down that route of genuinely helping people to repair their health and yet, due to the power of Big Pharma most practitioners in the complimentary health space have been hammered and denigrated, and without the stamp of approval from those in ‘authority’, it has made it all the more difficult to maintain an income.

The harshness with which the battle is being fought against people with the intent to heal, is one of the most sickening aspects of international business these days.  Nothing counts as much as profits.  Profits makes it right.  Profits validate the actions.  Anything which lowers revenues is, almost by definition, bad and wrong.  Higher profits means there will be more money on hand to attack your rivals, or at the very least pressure those in positions of power to make it harder for some practioners, in complimentary medicine particularly, to operate.

Sadly, the community in general is trusting of the ‘established big businesses’ and although knowing that things just aren’t as good as they could be, they have no alternative to turn to.  Our medical schools and hospitals are now controlled by industry grants, and this has more than ever, allowed industry power to manipulate the truth.  The medical profession is not what it once was.

I’ve taken a keen interest in the many treatments and cures for cancer.  Traditional methods have been around for a long while and some do work well.  There are also multiple scams to be careful of and, they are milked for all they are worth by unscrupulous people who are trying to sell expensive ‘cures’ to vulnerable people.

GcMAF (or Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) is a case in point.  This is a protein produced through the modification of the vitamin D-binding protein.  Proponents of GcMAF claim that it is an immuno-modulatory protein that has anti-tumor properties and strengthens the immune system by macrophage activation.  It’s a great sales pitch, and sounds scientific enough to give it credibility in the eyes of some, but it does not give the results… The only ‘science’ forthcoming is from the very people who are selling GcMAF.

Does that worry you?  It should.

That’s exactly what Big Pharma scams are all about: undertake questionable science that makes certain claims and then sell the product for all it’s worth, before other research negates the claims, and sales crash.

I also recognise it’s very difficult for the ‘normal’ person to decide what is ‘good’ science and what is ‘phoney’, particularly when the ‘evidence’ is published by the media.  I strongly suggest to everyone to be fully aware that if you are fighting cancer, or suffering the symptoms of an autoimmune disease or chronic illnesses, you should question anything that appears to follow a ‘mob mentality’.

If you have a cancer, an autoimmune disease, or just plain chronic ill-health symptoms then make no mistake, your immune system is in poor shape and there are really only three ways practitioners (of any modality) can help their clients to better health.  They either prescribe medicines, undertake therapies (including surgeries for the medical system) and/or teach lifestyle change.  You may decide to none, one or all of these yet the key to choosing an effective course of treatment, is to firstly understand why your immune system is in poor shape in the first place.  We have extensive experience of nearly 3 decades and integrated services that effectively dovetail all of these together.  From experience we know that our clients want a competent practitioner who can use protocols and technology to assess their issues and pinpoint the causes of their particular health issues—and provide solutions to their health problems.  They also expect results.

For acute illnesses this usually requires just one consultation with us, we supply medicines or undertake specific therapy.  But to eliminate chronic ill-health issues, without simply suppressing the symptoms with drugs, our clients get their results by undertaking a long-term integrated health package, consisting of customised medicines, learning self-therapies and being coached on specific lifestyle changes that lock-in permanent good health.

This generally takes a few months of working with our clients to educate and support them to understand why they lost their health in the first place, and to become competent in making the changes that will enable them to keep their health – forever if they choose to.  The benefits our clients experience are many and generally more than they expect.  One commonly reported benefit is our clients generally feel far younger than they did at the beginning!!

If you have chronic health issues, join our Kick Start Program and begin your journey on reversing your chronic disease by contacting us.