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Bill Giles
Immunobiologist, Yoga Teacher

For more than 30 years in a clinical setting I have been helping people with their mental and physical health challenges. I founded, directed and still work in the Canberra Medical Ecology Centres as a clinical biologist focusing on immune-related illnesses.

Larisa Zoska

Larisa is a qualified herbalist experienced in homeopathy, bioenergetics and neuro emotional techniques (NETs). She began working with Bill as an apprentice and has since established herself as one of Australia’s leading natural medicine practitioners.

We Know the Ecology of Human Health


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We help people with chronic illnesses using medicines, therapies and changes to lifestyle

Our Services


Ours is the clinic where you can:

• Get natural medicines customised to your health condition.

• Learn corrective exercises to remove aches & pains.

• Learn physical exercises to mobilise organ function.

• Learn and apply mental self therapies to reduce emotional pain, restore calmness, feel better about yourself, and restore purpose in your life.

• Better understand why your body is unwell through Electrodermal Testing.

We have support programs:

• For autoimmune and noncommunicable chronic diseases.

• To assist recovery from cancer during and following their treatment with the oncologist.

We use Electrodermal Testing to determine:

• Organ functional efficiency

• Causes of immune system scarring.


This is the program that:
• Detoxes and cleans your liver, lymph, colon and kidneys.
• Allows you to determine the healthiest and most delicious diet for you alone—your Signature Diet
• Adds clarity and understanding about those foods and drinks that make you unwell, and feel older.
• Helps you decide how much fructose you can tolerate before your mental abilities decrease.
• You have access to webinars covering:
  How to cleanse/detoxify.
  The immune system.
  Zonulin, Fats, Cholesterol.
  Gastrointestinal function.
  Signature Diet Protocol.
  How to use Graphs and Controls for Diet Testing.
  The Fructose Challenge Protocol.
  Foods and the Immune System.
  Intro to Psychobiology.
  The Epstein-Barr virus.
  Brain Chemistry and Sleep.
  Overcoming Destructive Self-talk.


If you are a person who requires a greater depth of yoga understanding, and who wishes to live more of the yoga life, Bill Giles can guide you. He has modelled his life on the philosophies of yoga for more than 45 years firstly as a student, then teacher and yoga philosopher…


Developed from psychobiology and practical yoga techniques, this 10 week program provides you with really usable everyday tools to find your real life-purposes, feel more in control, get that mental life naturally, be clearer about where you are supposed to head in life and …

See what our clients are saying

I have endured a long term illness with a compromised immune system, which has given me a unique opportunity to work very closely with my health and my body than ever before. From this experience I can truly say that everything they teach is exactly spot on and works! As a result of their help my health has improved tremendously and it continues to improve.

I feel great since beginning my signature diet and taking homeopathic drops; I’ve lost weight; I am exercising more; I attend restorative yoga as well as acupuncture. Best of all my headspace is great


Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my GP congratulating me on achieving such good results of late following my pre-op at the hospital. All blood tests were cleared OK so my operation can go forward. BUT the biggest pat on the back is that my diabetes HAB1C result had been reduced


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• For appointments with Bill Giles: 0437 276 447
• For yoga classes phone Dessie: 0424 228 578
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Bowral Clinic

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For appointments with Larisa Zoska: 0408 942 178

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