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What We Do

We understand how hard it can be to trial lifestyle shifts and therapies when life is hectic with responsibilities. When you feel unwell and have the never-ending challenges of children, work, house, commitments to family, friends and community—it can all seem just a bit too tough to manage experimental changes to a lifestyle and finding a space for self therapies.

We are not saying its going to be easy, but we do allow for this because we have experienced this in our own journeys. In our Three Pillars to Healing we have put in place support systems to assist and improve your chances of getting the results you require.

Our KickStart component is run LIVE & has ONLINE support. We put every effort to be with you every step of the way with training, coaching, and motivation. We provide download information so you can review the training any time, and as many times as you need. One of the comforting aspects of this component is our amazing community of people who have had turnarounds in their chronic health—and new participants have immediate access to our Private Facebook group. We know our approach works, but we also know it is the community support that our participants receive that helps get them through the tough times.

We have a Natural Medicine component to boost organ, immune system function and support genetic/constitutional profiles. It is customised to the individual, covers four to five months and uses herbal and homoeopathic medicines.

We do urge participants to also attend one of the five day workshop retreats, during which Bill teaches the most practical tools and techniques to maintain wonderful mental and physical health. These valuable skills have been distilled from more than 50 years inquiry into the Mind-Body connection through yoga, martial arts and biology. These are run four to five times a year.

We have demonstrated time and time again our care for each and every participant, so if you need to talk to us—then you talk to us, person to person, human to human!

It is always wonderful to share our knowledge with our special community of like-minded people who don’t give up on their health and have that special something that allows them to reclaim their health against the odds.

Bill Giles

How We Do It

Over three decades I have specialised in restoring immune health, culminating in a complete and holistic Program that aims to not only restore your health, but also to elevate your happiness, momentum and flow in life. Repairing the physical body by creating strong foundations through my KickStart program – delivered by Larisa Zoska – herbalist and homeopathic practitioner. Once your foundation are in place you can move to the pinnacle of true healing- my Life Transformation Intensive, with me in a retreat setting. Throughout, our aim is to teach you lifestyle tools and techniques to keep your immune system strong and focused for better overall mental and physical health. Our Programs have demonstrated time and again that our clients have the best chance to recover from their chronic immune-related illness—and this includes autoimmune diseases and cancers—and ensures that they can maintain better health into old age.

Wherever you are in your health journey, we can take you further.

The KickStart begins with a four week Detox-cleanse to free-up your immune system, so that over the next four weeks, you can more thoroughly identify your unique Signature Diet that will most certainly improve your health and allow you to keep it. The KickStart component is the ultimate food-related self-trial you’ll ever undertake.

The natural medicines we supply are customised to each person and we supply enough for you to boost your health after the Program has concluded. A record of your specific medicine combination is recorded and can be re-ordered at any time.

The Intensive Retreat involves advanced teaching from Bill Giles to understand the ‘body-mind’ connection for complete wellbeing—emotional and physical health. You will learn practical tools and techniques to feel happier about who you are, how you can more effectively connect with others, and how you can feel more content with your daily experiences. The techniques aim to improve your passion, love and joy for your life. Practicing these techniques and incorporating them into your life will future-proof your health.

Contact us today and we will organise a time to chat about your health situation and determine if our approach is suitable for you.

Bill Giles

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