We help people with chronic illnesses when all else has failed them

Creating The Foundation For Health.

When you are suffering with chronic ill health- from fatigue through to cancers you must re-build strong foundations. The KickStart Program delivered by herbalist and homeopathic practitioner, Larisa Zoska is the first step to take on the road to recovery. Your first consultation will involve a thorough assessment of your immune system and organ function. […]

Renewal Of The Mind – Emotional Wellbeing

There is a mind-body connection and the key to long-term health & vitality is embedded in emotional well-being.  Emotional stress is a powerful influence which can pull an immune system down.  Emotional stress occurs when there is a disconnect between you, your beliefs-rules and your expectations-desires.  There are life changing techniques and tools that you […]

Hello! Meet Our Team

What We Do

We understand how hard it can be to trial lifestyle shifts and therapies when life is hectic with responsibilities. When you feel unwell and have the never-ending challenges of children, work, house, commitments to family, friends and community—it can all seem just a bit too tough to manage experimental changes to a lifestyle and finding a space for self therapies.

We are not saying its going to be easy, but we do allow for this because we have experienced this in our own journeys. In our Three Pillars to Healing we have put in place support systems to assist and improve your chances of getting the results you require.

Our KickStart component is run LIVE & has ONLINE support. We put every effort to be with you every step of the way with training, coaching, and motivation. We provide download information so you can review the training any time, and as many times as you need. One of the comforting aspects of this component is our amazing community of people who have had turnarounds in their chronic health—and new participants have immediate access to our Private Facebook group. We know our approach works, but we also know it is the community support that our participants receive that helps get them through the tough times.

We have a Natural Medicine component to boost organ, immune system function and support genetic/constitutional profiles. It is customised to the individual, covers four to five months and uses herbal and homoeopathic medicines.

We do urge participants to also attend one of the five day workshop retreats, during which Bill teaches the most practical tools and techniques to maintain wonderful mental and physical health. These valuable skills have been distilled from more than 50 years inquiry into the Mind-Body connection through yoga, martial arts and biology. These are run four to five times a year.

We have demonstrated time and time again our care for each and every participant, so if you need to talk to us—then you talk to us, person to person, human to human!

It is always wonderful to share our knowledge with our special community of like-minded people who don't give up on their health and have that special something that allows them to reclaim their health against the odds.

Bill Giles

How We Do It

Over three decades I have specialised in restoring immune health, culminating in a complete and holistic Program that aims to not only restore your health, but also to elevate your happiness, momentum and flow in life. Repairing the physical body by creating strong foundations through my KickStart program - delivered by Larisa Zoska - herbalist and homeopathic practitioner. Once your foundation are in place you can move to the pinnacle of true healing- my Life Transformation Intensive, with me in a retreat setting. Throughout, our aim is to teach you lifestyle tools and techniques to keep your immune system strong and focused for better overall mental and physical health. Our Programs have demonstrated time and again that our clients have the best chance to recover from their chronic immune-related illness—and this includes autoimmune diseases and cancers—and ensures that they can maintain better health into old age.

Wherever you are in your health journey, we can take you further.

The KickStart begins with a four week Detox-cleanse to free-up your immune system, so that over the next four weeks, you can more thoroughly identify your unique Signature Diet that will most certainly improve your health and allow you to keep it. The KickStart component is the ultimate food-related self-trial you'll ever undertake.

The natural medicines we supply are customised to each person and we supply enough for you to boost your health after the Program has concluded. A record of your specific medicine combination is recorded and can be re-ordered at any time.

The Intensive Retreat involves advanced teaching from Bill Giles to understand the ‘body-mind’ connection for complete wellbeing—emotional and physical health. You will learn practical tools and techniques to feel happier about who you are, how you can more effectively connect with others, and how you can feel more content with your daily experiences. The techniques aim to improve your passion, love and joy for your life. Practicing these techniques and incorporating them into your life will future-proof your health.

Contact us today and we will organise a time to chat about your health situation and determine if our approach is suitable for you.

Bill Giles

What Our Clients Say

I’m typically what you’d call a ‘healthy’ person. Average weight range for my age and height, yada yada yada. However, I found that I would wake up most days wanting more sleep and feeling a bit foggy throughout the first few hours of getting up. Ultimately, I wanted MORE energy to be able to focus better, get more done and be more ‘on’.

For years I’d been wanting to learn how my body worked most efficiently rather than following some random ‘diet’ or ‘way of eating’. I wanted something that would work for ME rather than some generalised thing.

I decided to work with Bill and the team so I could have more energy, and what ended up happening pretty much straight away was extraordinary! More alertness from when I woke. I have lost cm’s from my hips and my ‘mummy tummy’ that I thought I was going to be stuck with forever has gone.

Most importantly, I am learning how to manage and eat for MY body. I love it.

I would (and do) highly recommend this program.

Thanks guys!

Nicola Moras

I am learning how to manage and eat for MY body. I love it.

“I’m convinced Bill has helped me to improve my chances of beating my cancer.  I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in 2016.  Statistically the chance of being cured is low. But I had a successful operation to remove the tumour and had several months of chemotherapy and a month of daily radiotherapy. It was essential for survival to undertake the operation and it was possibly beneficial to have the chemo and radiotherapy. That was all that the doctors could offer.  From then on it would be about monitoring and hope. But I wanted to ensure I gave myself the best chance to survive – not just hope that I would. So I consulted Bill. I worked with Bill over several months to better understand my condition and the problems with my immune system. He has helped me to make changes to improve my immune system efficiency, including making lifestyle and dietary changes and using yoga and acupuncture. I believe that taking these steps has improved my strength, energy, sense of wellbeing, self-awareness and my overall health.  I appreciate that my journey is not over, but I now feel better equipped to survive it.”   (Anon)

Please note that many of our clients go through very personal journeys and don’t always want to be identified in their testimonials.

I’m convinced Bill has helped me to improve my chances of beating my cancer.

I was struggling with psoriasis and the symptoms of a foggy mind, lack of energy, loss of interest in life, unsightly rashes on face/body and a general feeling of un-wellness.
I signed up for the autoimmune program and found that it addressed all the areas mentioned above. I am feeling very well, I can think straight, decisions are easier to make, I have a lot of energy and get things done in half the time and my passion for life is coming back.
I am now in a great place, ready for my next adventure … and along the way to share this amazing experience with others.
As a result of the program I was exposed to Raja yoga and reminded of Hatha/Samyama yoga which has proven to be immensely beneficial for my muscular skeletal frame addressing long term injuries which restricted movement and very basic exercise positions in the past.
What I really liked about the program is that it covered all aspects of oneself – body, mind and spirit. It is informative so that one gains the understanding of how the body works and what gets in the way of good health, and offers tools to get one’s health back on track.
I have learned that there is more than one way of looking at food and that it is useful to be flexible in today’s society and open to what works and what doesn’t work – your body will always let you know. It is no longer ‘one size fits all’ but very individual and Bill and Larisa are professionals at working out what each of us specifically needs.
Family and friends have commented on my inner strength to keep going whilst lamenting that they could not have done it if they were in my position. I explained that the program offers ongoing support, clarification of what is happening every step of the way during regular check-ins, and that we are all in excellent hands.
The major things I brought out of the program were:
– To take responsibility for my wellness and do what needs to be done, allowing oneself some control over one’s health
– Not be influenced by others but to rely on one self for answers
– To protect oneself from ‘well meaning people’ (negative people)
Bill and his team are a truly professional team, acting out of integrity and excellence and I am very grateful I came across them.
Thank you Bill, Larisa and Jo – you have given me my life back!


Natalie V

Thank You! You have given me my life back!

I have known Bill and Larisa for over 25 years. During this time they have not only helped me and my family with our many ailments, but they have also educated us and given us tools for living a more healthy lifestyle. And they are not just clinical health practitioners – they are also teachers in life! More recently I have endured a long term illness with a compromised immune system, which has given me a unique opportunity to work very closely with my health and my body than ever before. From this experience I can truly say that everything they teach is exactly spot on and works! As a result of their help my health has improved tremendously and it continues to improve.

Thank you Bill and Larisa!


..not just clinical health practitioners, also teachers in life!

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my GP congratulating me on achieving such good results of late following my pre-op at the hospital. All blood tests were cleared OK so my operation can go forward. BUT the biggest pat on the back is that my diabetes HAB1C result had been reduced to 49.5. Non diabetics reading would be 48 which as he said means I am close to being cleared as never seen before. He was over the moon. And all based on following the Program from you. Thank you.

Update…on the last test, my readings are now NON Diabetic. I am over the moon!

John Shapley, UK

…my readings are now NON Diabetic. I am over the moon!

I was diagnosed with an advanced anal cancer tumour 9 years ago.  I was initially treated with chemotherapy and radiation. The cancer has since metastisised several times resulting in 3 major surgeries and further chemotherapy and radiation.

A friend told me about Bill Giles Ecology Centre. I have been seeing Bill and Larisa regularly for a year and have adapted his holistic approach to my life. His advice is sound and based on his many years of research and his own personal journey. I understand now what is driving my cancer and how I can take control of it by caring for my immune system. I feel great since beginning my signature diet and taking homeopathic drops; I’ve lost weight; I am exercising more; I attend restorative yoga as well as acupuncture. Best of all my headspace is great, I sleep well and I’m convinced with Bill by my side I will have good health well into the future.

I see Bill regularly and look forward to our chats. I especially love the extra advice and knowledge he throws in every session.  Bill is never rushed, or boring and I find him easy to talk with. He has an answer for all of my questions and I have access to him by email always for the little things that pop up between visits. I see a team of medical professionals regularly who are very happy with my progress.

I’m forever grateful to Bill and Larisa for changing my lifestyle. My only regret is I didn’t know about them earlier.

My only regret is I didn’t know about them earlier.

Bill Giles has been my yoga teacher for 30 years and I have been his client since he opened his first clinic. Bill has assisted my husband and me and continues to do so, with multiple chronic gastrointestinal tracts and other issues, when no-one could assist (including weird bugs collected working in the tropics). Bill continually updates and adjusts his living therapies to the latest scientific findings. His focus on cancer and chronic diseases is producing ground breaking results. Whatever your issue, physical, psychological or both, his caring and profoundly intuitive methods provide a personalised approach that empower the patient and lead you on the path to recovery. Our thanks and upmost gratitude for keeping us healthy.

Christine Boulan-Smit, PhD.

Our utmost thanks for keeping us healthy!

When I was first told I had cancer I was in shock and completely numb at the diagnosis. Although the doctors I had seen appeared very competent in their medical expertise, they did not seem to have time to deal with me as a person, nor interested in my concerns about what to do from here. They basically just made appointments for further tests, told me I would probably need to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and that I would likely be off work for a long time. I and my family were in a state of limbo and began suffering feelings of extreme anxiety from wondering what was to come.

Thanks goodness I remembered Bill’s clinic and hoped they’d be able to provide some insight into what to do. I was quite paralysed with fear at that point, so my mum rang the clinic on my behalf and made an appointment for me to see Bill urgently.

At a time when I was in a very dark place, Bill shone a light forward and showed me I could take some control over my health and my future. He helped me understand the cancer process a lot more fully and helped me to see I had options. This reduced my level of fear significantly. I was shown techniques that I could use to assist in my healing – things that I could incorporate into my day to day life and also combine with any medical treatments I was undertaking. As I started to incorporate some of these things I could certainly notice the difference in my health and how I felt about my life. Everything seemed a lot brighter.

Being able to access Bill’s wealth of knowledge has made a huge difference in my cancer journey. I now feel empowered that I am not just a body having things done ‘to me’ by medical specialists and ‘waiting’ to see what they can do next, but knowing that I can also contribute to and feel in control of the healing process.

Bill’s scientific and holistic approach has helped me see the bigger picture in terms of mind, body and emotions, and this has enhanced my perspective on cancer treatment in ways that I could not even have imagined on those first dark days of diagnosis. It has also assisted my mum, who has been my main support person throughout this journey, to understand how to better support me in my healing and to also overcome some of her own fears through the process.

Thanks to Bill and his clinic I have noticed huge improvements in my sense of health and wellbeing, I feel much more empowered and much less afraid, and I am most grateful for all he has taught me.

I would highly recommend anyone going through the cancer journey, whether themselves a patient or as a support person to someone with cancer, to give Bill’s approach and techniques a go. They have made a wonderful difference on my journey and I’m sure they can make a difference on yours.

Please note that many of our clients go through very personal journeys and don’t always want to be identified in their testimonials.

I would highly recommend anyone going through the cancer journey to give Bill’s approach and techniques a go