This Kickstart program is not like any other and is based on original research over 30 years of more than 10,000 case studies investigating the effects that certain natural defence chemicals in our common plant foods have on chronic immune related illnesses (such as the role that gluten has, causing the autoimmune disease known as coeliac disease).

I will motivate, inspire and stimulate you. But make no mistake…




Feel & Look 20 Years Younger.

3 Stage Kickstart Program

The program is delivered in 3 stages, to ensure we can isolate and effectively target the area of concern.

Program Start


There is a comprehensive cleanse/detox of your main organs which in effect unloads your immune system

Self-testing protocol

Self-testing protocol to uncover the plant foods that are contributing to your poor health


Self-trials to determine the maximum volume of fructose you can take at any one time and not damage your mental quality

What is a Signature Diet?

  • A diet that is tested by you, the individual, and is specific to you only, as opposed to the thousands of ‘Join-the-Club’ nutritional diets.
  • You are unique, the flora in your gastrointestinal -tract is unique to you, and your immune system changes throughout your life in a unique way.
Health Ecology Solution

How Can Our Program Benefit You?

  • Your personal KickStart Program will allow you to find the foods that are continually damaging your immune system.
  • Finding immune reactions to plant chemicals is complex and you will need to use graphing techniques and a “control” to tighten your results.
  • A food diary can assist, but usually is not accurate enough to determine correlations between foods and symptoms. We guide you through all the difficulties.

Guide to the Kickstart Program

Creating The Foundation For Health

This is a 12 week program that will unload your immune system, strengthen it with specific medicines and improve its focus to make you feel and look 20 years younger in health and wellbeing. It is not a ‘nutrition’ kickstart program but it is a complete food program to guide you to discover which foods give you both entertainment and do not compromise your immune system or your mental health.

All the required instructions, medicines and nutrients are supplied. You have weekly contact, guidance and support with any health problems during this Cleanse/Detox.

Weeks 1 to 4. An Effective Cleanse/Detox

This Cleanse/Detox has the effect of unloading your immune system from having to perform extra work to “prop-up” organs.

  • Cleans the lymph system of pathogens & inflammation.
  • Detoxifies the lymph nodes & ducts.
  • Removes impacted mucoid layers from the colon.
  • Removes attached proteins & glyco-proteins from cells, improving cellular-immune communication.
  • Boosts the function of your liver, kidney & colon to improve body detoxification.

Weeks 5 to 8 – The Signature Diet Trials

With your immune system unloaded you will be noticing improvements in your long-term symptoms.

  • You will then be able to more accurately find out the foods that damage your immune system.
  • You achieve this by following a specific method of dietary trials.
  • You have access to webinars, literature, discussions, and personal counselling throughout these four weeks, to ensure you get your results. (Since there are no medical tests that can isolate these foods, you have to do personal “With and Without” trials).

At this stage, most people find they are experiencing a heightened state of optimism, a clearer brain and happier moods.

Fructose disrupts brain chemistry

Weeks 9 to 12 – Fructose Challenge

The public are slowly waking up to the health problems of over-eating sugar. Now people are learning that the fructose molecule in sugar is the problem, not so much the glucose molecule. Fructose activates opioid responses in the brain and can cause all manner of emotional upsets and mental illnesses.

We have more than 20 years of clinical experience dealing with hereditary fructose intolerance, partial fructose intolerance, and fructose malabsorption. We will guide you to uncover the volumes of fructose that will contribute to you to become emotionally stressed, lose discipline and feel bad about yourself—this is an individual response.

More Information on the ‘Kickstarter Program’.

Contact Us to get started.

Most people have little idea about the behaviour and ecology of the human immune system, so we teach the essentials during the program.

When people talk about foods and diets they are focusing on nutrition. This is the supply of energy from fats, proteins and sugar (carbohydrates), along with the balance of micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our principal focus is on the relationship between the foods you eat and the ability of your immune system to effectively deal with the natural defence chemicals that are occurring in all our plant foods. This program also uncovers some of the effects of certain commercial/industrial chemicals on our immune/organ efficiency, that tend to accumulate in some of our foods.

Understand that if your immune system collapsed right now, you would die within the next 24 hours. Your immune system has mobile red blood and white lymph cells that defend your body, maintain homoeostasis, and allow you to live to the potential human life span of 100 to 108 years—but this will only occur if it is able to keep reserves for emergencies, and does not suffer scarring that reduces its ability to efficiently identify certain chemicals and pathogens.

Humans, like all animals and plants on this planet, live best in genetically adapted environments. For example, we are healthier when: We are loved; eat foods to which our ancestors were adapted; exercise moderately; live in mild climates; and keep away from unhealthy ‘bugs’ and chemicals. Living outside the optimal human environments stresses the adaptive part of our immune system and we suffer ill-health symptoms and a reduced lifetime.

Modern commercially prepared foods are one of the main causes of immune stress, and because your immune system is unique, if you want to live a long pain-free life, you will need to be more careful with some foods as you age.

The foods and drinks we use for entertainment are made from: table sugar, fruits, tea, coffee, chocolate, beer, wine, spirits, herbs and spices. We can add street drugs and tobacco as other forms of entertainment. All these are derived from plants and they affect our brains in various ways. We know that some people also have brain reactions to some common vegetables and grains.

Without being able to consume these foods and drinks when we celebrate and need a lift, we find life to be more of a burden and dreary. The main aim of this KickStart Program is to guide people to discover which of the entertaining foods their bodies can tolerate, how much they can have and keep their health, and how often they can have them without compromising their health.

Once you have competed the KickStart Program you will find that you have more confidence in choosing the diet that suits you, and you won’t feel confused by the myriad of diet ideas that are presented through the media, nutritionists, dietitians, health specialists and governments.

You will know how to push the boundaries and understand how to regain control of your health through your own Signature Diet.

The KickStart Program is the perfect way to begin to help your immune system. All cancer cells live on carbohydrates, not on proteins and fats (Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel prize), and we assist those with cancer to test the type of ketone diet they need to slow the growth of cancer cells in their body.

When this is occurring, they then modify their diet (with our tuition) to suite their particular cancer condition, keep their immune system unloaded to eliminate cancer progression and reverse tumour formation, while creating a fun and emotionally rewarding diet and better health.

Over the last 25 years we have tested more than 20,000 people for organ function and immune system efficiency using electro-dermal testing protocols. This gives us a means to compare changes in health throughout the programs we offer.

We use these tests to create customised medicines, therapies, or further experiments in lifestyle change to promote better mental and physical health.

Bring back balance and harmony in your body, health and life...

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