There is No Cure For Cancer

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There is no cure for cancer. Medical science, governments, universities, and institutions—are fixated on curing this disease—and there is no lack of knowledge around cancer, but I wonder if the answers we are generating are being viewed through the lens of the wrong science. As a biologist I believe that seeking a cure for cancer […]

Why Did Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer Return After 25 Years?

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Science is now recognising that most, around ninety percent, of all cancers are driven by lifestyle-environment factors, hence over the decades there has been much pure research investigating a holistic approach to cancer, however commercial and establishment medical science has continued to direct its research and application for ‘curing’ cancer by focusing treatment on cancer […]

You Can Stop Endometriosis

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For twenty years we have had really good success at removing the symptoms of endometriosis through our medicine; self-therapy; lifestyle programs such as our KickStart Program.  When we first started and had very high success rates, the medical system was still adhering to the theory that, where there were no diagnosable cause to a woman’s chronic […]

Take Control: How You Can Starve Cancer Cells With Lifestyle, Not Drugs.

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  There are three causes of cancer. There are the genetic causes, estimated to be between 5-10% of all cancers; The familial (hereditary) causes estimated to be between 3-10%; And, then there are the environment/lifestyle causes estimated to be 80-90% of all cancers. The medical system’s research on a cure for cancer is not strongly focused […]

Going Beyond Exercise for Sustainable Weight Loss

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For chronic weight gain that you cant seem to shift you may need to go beyond diet and exercise and uncover additional triggers of weight gain. The first place to look is to your immune system which underpins all other body functions, including metabolism and fat storage. Your immune system can be weakened by drivers […]

Even Monkeys have Problems with Fruits!

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Fructose is found in three forms in our diet—as free fructose (in fruits, honey, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, etc.), as part of table sugar (glucose+fructose), and in most vegetables and grains—along with chains of fructose molecules, known as fructans. Modern fruits have been selectively cultivated to be much sweeter and lower in fibre […]

High-Fat Diets To Starve Cancer Cells

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Cancer is a genetic disease because we can inherit mutations associated with increased cancer risk, but most of these mutations are in fact linked to disruptions in the way a cancer cell is able to use energy to survive. Cancer causing mutations are closely linked to what is known as ‘mitochondrial disfunction’. Mitochondria are the energy-producing […]

The Cure For Cancer is in ‘New Paradigm Medicine’

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“… cancer, in particular, will be appreciated as a disease of the mind as well as the body and treated at centres where body, mind and spirit are considered. One day, cancer will be cured by interventions that release emotions in a controlled fashion… and will actually cure or prolong high quality life in many cancers. Whatever the pain, it’s actually the brain where it is perceived. Sophisticated biofeedback methods instead of drugs or surgery will be used to treat it more successfully…”

Transcend Cancer

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Being told by your doctor that you have cancer is a sure way to remind you of your mortality. Being diagnosed with a cancer mass however, is not necessarily a death sentence. Many people survive cancer without chemotherapy or radiation and it is believed that each of us have had spontaneous remission of many cancer micro-masses throughout our lives..

The Attitude That Beats Cancer

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Over the years researchers have looked at a range of attitudes that people present as they attempt to prevent their cancer from returning following the hospital treatments. Typically these attitudes have related to being: optimistic vs. pessimistic; passive vs. aggressive; introvert vs. extrovert; neurotic vs. emotionally stable; truthful vs. untruthful and others. While there is merit […]

When You Have Cancer There Is One Virus You MUST Shut Down To Overcome It

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The Epstein–Barr virus is one of eight known viruses in the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans, with more than 95 percent of the world’s population suspected of having this human virus, either active or dormant in their bodies. This virus is an opportunist virus, much like its cousin, the […]