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The following E-books are free to download, Please contact the clinic if you have any questions. Check out our services. Health ecology is an approach that looks beyond symptoms of ill health to the complex relationships between you, your health, and your environments.

20 Questions to ask your Oncologist

From Tell me about your dignosis for me, What treatments are you recommending for me?, What other treatment options are available besides what we’ve discussed? and more.

Atypical Coeliac Disease

The thief that steals your happiness, by Bill Giles 2007

Coeliac Disease – A broader perspective

by Bill Giles 2007

Healing From Cancer Support Program – Eating Advice

To assist with Recovery during and after Cancer Treatments

Understanding Autoimmune Diseases

By Bill Giles

Foods And Immune-related Illnesses

The Link Between Certain Foods & The impact On Your Immune System.

Understanding Cancer – A series of articles


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