meaning in your life

Lets look at what you have to do to have more meaning in your life—well you have to take on the understanding that life is suffering, and you have to put yourself together in the face of that.  And that’s hard.  It’s amazing that people even do it.

People do awful things to each other, and you don’t want ever to be like that.

Yes, you probably have many reasons to be resentful about your existence, and its no wonder you are resentful at times.  But if you act out your resentfulness, you could make everything infinitely worse.

Throughout your life journey there will always be pain along the way and lots of your experiences will reflect unfairness to you.

There is the idea that hell is a bottomless pit, because it doesn’t matter how bad something is, you could figure out some ways to make it a lot worse, and go further down.

Looking at life a certain way just causes suffering.  That is what all the great religions have always taught.


What do you do in the face of suffering so you have more Meaning in your Life?

Well you try to reduce it.  Start with yourself.

What good are you when you are enmeshed in your suffering?  So get yourself together, so that if your life goes further down, or the lives of your family or friends fall apart, you can step up and help out, instead of whining in the corner.

You could stand up solidly so that others can rely on you, even a little bit.  Don’t act the fallen victim—of course obviously you are a victim to something, but you can use this as a way to put yourself together—and you know how to do that if you only look in the right place.

You’ll know what’s wrong with you, if only you’ll face up to it.  Of course there are lots of things about you that you could improve, even in your insufficient condition.  Improve some little thing about yourself and then maybe you could glimpse a little love or joy in your relationships instead of expressing your hate and spite, and project your neurotically doomed attitudes onto others.

So you fix the relationship with yourself up a little bit, then you have to figure out how to fix your relationships with others.  And maybe you succeed a little and you get your family or friends or work colleagues functioning a little better—although it reduces the opportunity for spiteful revenge and that’s something that you’ll just have to accept.

Then you have actually done something that was difficult and you become a little wiser.  Maybe with this knowledge you could cast your attention out beyond your immediate relationships and try helping others without wrecking their lives in the process to help you to have Meaning in your Life.

Our relationships are complex.  With two people there are four minds involved and you have to have access to the other three to really fix things, and most of you don’t.

So how do you overcome the perennial suffering of life?  Well, you be a better person, and that’s hard. it takes responsibility.  Responsibility to yourself and to others

And if you decided you want to have a quality and meaningful life—well everything you do matters, every moment matters.  This is the definition of a meaningful life. Everything you do or think matters, and you have to carry that with you.

Or you could just forget about the whole meaning in your life and then you don’t have to take responsibility—because who cares?  And you can wander through life doing just whatever you want, gratifying your impulsive desires.  And how useful is that going to be?

And then you’ll be stuck in meaninglessness, with its basis of irresponsibility.  Which one do you want?  Which one are you pursuing?

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