Larisa Zoska is a qualified herbalist experienced in homeopathy, bioenergetics and neuro emotional techniques (NETs). She began working with Bill Giles as an apprentice 15 years ago and has since established herself as one of Australia’s leading natural medicine practitioners.Larisa pic

Since discovering medicinal herbs, Larisa has been living her dream helping thousands of people overcome chronic illness and disease. She specialises in identifying food intolerances and has helped thousands of people conduct Personal Food Trials. She is also interested in pet health and has had great success treating animals suffering a variety of health issues.

Larisa practices what she preaches, eating a grain-free diet and following the same lifestyle principles she teaches her clients. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen whipping up new grain-free recipes. She also loves running, surfing and holds a black belt in traditional Okinawan Goju-ryu karate.

Larisa is passionate about helping people and works to share her knowledge and understanding with the world. She is dedicated to identifying the root causes of chronic illness through a whole body approach, creating a personalised healing experience and teaching self-care skills for changing health habits. Larisa wants everyone to feel energetic and lively, in control of their bodies and free of illness.

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