If you have a chronic disease there are only three ways you can treat it. You can use medicines, therapies or lifestyle.

You can either choose to get professional help, learn Self-therapies or undertake a combination of these over time. (Note: your body is self healing under the right lifestyle conditions—but what are these for you?).

Chronic Diseases


• Medicines to deal with physical and mental/emotional illnesses associated with chronic diseases

You can choose from can be either:

Drug based (Pharmaceutical—not recommended for long-term chronic treatment), natural medicines such as medicine herbs Flower Essences and homoeopathic medicines, or specific support nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, nutraceuticals.


• Professional Therapies to deal with physical pain, loss of movement or muscular-skeletal damage associated with chronic diseases

You can choose to have:

Operations (used as last resort), chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, shiatsu, TENs and Magnetic therapies.


• Self-therapies to deal with physical pain, loss of movement or muscular-skeletal damage associated with chronic diseases

You can choose to be taught:

Specific corrective exercise, yoga, Pilates, gym programs, Self-laser, Self-TENS. These can be supplemented by undertaking movement exercising such as dancing, jogging, swimming, boxing, martial arts, and gymnastics.


Chronic Diseases


• The professional therapies for chronic stress

You can choose from:

Fructose-removal trials, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, chiropractic Neuro-emotional Therapies (NETs), counselling.


• Self-therapies for chronic stress 

You can choose how to work with:

Low-fructose diets, Yoga samyama techniques, Yantra (vision board) techniques, prayer, tapping, journaling, marathon running, specific pranayama breathing techniques.


• Lifestyle Changes to deal with chronic diseases


                  Learning a Self-therapy

                  Creating a Specific-Sleep Program

                  Creating a Signature Diet

                  Addressing Internal Pathogen Cycling

                  Intermittent Fasting

                  Regular Specific Detoxification

                  Tuition on Balancing: Work and Hobbies with Higher Purpose Contribution (to yourself or others)


Our clinic has Short and Normal Consultations

Short Consultations for 40 minutes, include:

  1. Follow-up appointments for selecting ongoing medicines, therapy and lifestyle trials to address chronic diseases

  2. Selecting medicines for specific non-chronic diseases—mental/emotional and physical

  3. Therapies (Hypnotherapy, General Counselling, Corrective Exercises, Neuro Emotional Techniques, Vision-board therapy, Avazzia Therapy, Counselling on optimal diets.

  4. Testing the 33 major body organs for function and structural change, along with scarring of adaptive immune system (no medicines, therapy or lifestyle)

  5. Setting up Grass-root Food Trials, Allergy trials.

  6. Testing Food IgA, IgG, IgE allergies.


Normal Consultations for 90 minutes (usually first time) include:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of immune function (Adaptive and Innate), for chronic diseases and cancers.

  2. Linking chronic diseases to: Immune Scarring, Immune Senescence, Immune Acclimatisation, and Immune exhaustion.

  3 Testing for long term natural medicines to support chronic diseases

  4. Determining relevant therapies for individual chronic diseases

  5. Lifestyle counselling for chronic diseases and setting our trials.


Chronic Diseases


The hierarchy of lifestyle factors that are linked to varying degrees as causes of chronic diseases (based on more than 10,000 case studies between 1992 and 2002 through the Canberra Medical Ecology Centre) are: The lifestyle factors at the top are more influential in causing chronic diseases.

  (a) Emotional stress

  (b) Lack of quality sleep

  (c) Toxic chemicals in vegetables/salads/grains/fruits

  (d) Body endemic superantigen pathogens (such as specific herpes viruses)

  (e) Lack of useful physical exercise (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, static endurance, dynamic endurance, joint alignment, fascia modulation, within joints/across joints/between joints, balancing meridians and organ function).

  (f) Toxic commercial/industrial chemicals

  (g) Inappropriate vaccinations

  (h) Micro nutrition

  (i) Living environments

  (j) Epigenetics and genetics)


Chronic diseases commonly are the cancers and autoimmune diseases. However many people have chronic pain and very poor health due to eating foods that contain natural toxic defence, storage and communication chemicals. 

Self-testing and determining food intolerances and micro-intolerances are an easy way to get great long-term improvements to health. Thus we have perfected the accuracy of these trials by using graphs and controls together with monitoring clients as they perform their trials.


Except for drug therapy or operations, Larisa and myself (and Sophie) can assist you with your chronic disease or illness, and in many cases we require that clients record the consultations due to the amount of information we provide.


Either, email for a short 40 minute or 90 minute appointment: bill@billgiles.com.au Or, text for a short 40 minute or 90 minute appointment: 0437276447