This is the first blog I have posted about Covid related matters in more than two years following ‘coercion’ by the TGA that I not publish health information related to Covid-19 and accompanying treatments This coercion included a substantial fine and the threat of more extensive fines and court cases if I continued to publish disinformation and misinformation about Covid related matters.
The world has moved on now and it appears that what I was then posting in fact was correct. All of you should know about the health problems that the Covid synthetic spike protein is causing people. Many of you will also know that the spike from both SARS Covid-2 and the mRNA Covid ‘vaccine’ is behind the continually increasing number of chronic health conditions we are now seeing—from turbo cancers, to increasing numbers of autoimmune diseases to general ill-health symptoms emerging as ‘Long Covid’.
This week the ABC wrote: “A parliamentary inquiry into long COVID estimated that between 200,000 and 2 million Australians have some form of long COVID, which can include more than 200 symptoms” (In: Long COVID cases will likely increase with each new wave, so why are we closing clinics? 12.12.23).
It is becoming more clear that the engineered Covid spike disrupts immune communication and reduces competency in different immune pathways in different people. The immune system becomes more sensitised and inflammatory in some people (producing for example, skin and mucous symptoms from mast cell hyperactivity), and in others reduces surveillance competency to allow superantigen pathogens and cancer cells to survive in greater numbers and density.
It really means that if the average person wants to experience normal health in the future, they will have to put more emphasis on maintaining their health through lifestyle, self therapies and natural medicines rather than through drug therapy and vaccinations. I suggest that you do not have any more mRNA related ‘vaccines’ of any type, and that goes for mRNA vaccinated livestock. Use instead, nosodes and authoimmunisations as methods to alert immune system function against respiratory and other pathogens.
Over the last two years of ElectroDermal testing people with Covid-related symptoms I can give you some generalisations about what you can do to improve your health to buffer the toxic Covid spike.

Firstly Google the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

for integrative doctors’ protocols regarding Covid ‘vaccine’ injuries and Long-Covid symptoms.
In order to make these protocols more effective you can add the following medicines, therapies and lifestyles:


• A Quick Way to Boost Organ and Immune Functions

In order to shorten Long-Covid, undertake a Comprehensive Detox-cleanse. There are few comprehensive Detox-cleanses on the market. In order to address this, 30 years ago we created a Detox-cleanse which uses 26 herbal medicines that lift all organ functions as well as stimulating the removal of heavy metals and toxic proteins. To treat Long-Covid we have incorporated SARS Covid-2, Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes Zoster immune stimulators to assist improving immune competency against these pathogens. (See

Our Detox-cleanse will also address improvements in serotonin production in the colon. Serotonin plays several roles in your body, including influencing learning, memory, happiness as well as regulating body temperature, sleep, sexual behaviour, hunger and others. Many people with Long-Covid have low levels of serotonin*. During and after the Detox-cleanse for several months, we recommend these people take each day, 400 mg of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) to increase serotonin. You can buy this at health food stores or online. It is cheap (120 capsules under $20). To order our Detox-cleanse:


• Loss of Muscle mass and Fat

Some people lose muscle tone and fat during Long-Covid, even if they are eating well every day. If this is you, I suggest you take Glycene supplements. Glycine is an amino acid that helps build proteins for tissue and hormone maintenance, support heart and liver health, improve sleep, reduce diabetes risk and reduce muscle loss. You can get glycene from meats or take supplement tablets—90 to 100 gms a day for several months.


• Vitamin D

The role of vitamin D in protecting against viral infections has been known for some time and it is helping with Long-Covid. Increase your vitamin D  levels by getting a tan from the sun. If you are concerned about promoting skin cancers, keep some Amazon Black Salve in your medicine chest to remove any suspected skin cancer. You can take Vitamin-D supplements but they are not nearly as effective as sunlight.

• Unload Your Immune System For better health across the board, replace all cereal grain-derived foods with others made from alternative flour seeds such as quinoa, almond, coconut, amaranth, buckwheat, etc or from vegetable flours such as those made from potato, yams, bananas, breadfruit and tapioca. From more than 20,000 cereal grain removal and reintroduction case studies monitored through my clinic, I know that going totally grain free improves immune and gastrointestinal dysfunction in everyone. As soon as you find you have chronic symptoms developing, trial removing all cereal grains. This will assists people with Long-Covid.


• Grass-roots Dietary Advice

Follow the ‘Grass-roots Dietary Advice’ for Improved Health as you age (In the book: Signature Diets—for a longer and healthier life (Phone the clinic for a copy 0437 276 447)


• Scrape the Tongue

To remove the epithelial immune exudate from the tongue sampling papillae that contain the taste buds, daily scrape the tongue with an appropriate instrument. This will relieve both the uncomfortable tastes occurring in the mouth caused by the Covid spike disrupting immune function, along with inducing a reduction in the sensitising of mast cell immune function (


• Dandelion Leaf Extract to Block Covid spile from attaching to ACE-2 Receptors

Take 10 to 20 ml of Dandelion leaf extract each day to prevent any newly generated Covid spikes, either from a new infection or from cell production in your body, from attaching to ACE-2 receptors in your body. Eventually the spike protein will be eliminated from your body (


• Red Blood Cell Micro-Clumping

The Covid spike is causing red blood cell micro-clumping and thus reducing the oxygen carrying capacity of your red blood cells. This causes breathlessness, weakness, tiredness, heart palpations, sleep disruptions and cardiovascular stress. In order to reduce these you can daily take Nattokinase supplements (Buy on the Internet).
This clumping is also stimulating adrenalin responses in many people, which causes shallow and disrupted sleep along with emotional tension. You can trial a combination of adrenal modulating herbs such as: Scullcap; Hops; Damian; Chamomile and Californian Poppy. (
• Hypersensitive mast cell responsesThe Covid spike is causing hypersensitive mast cell responses in the skin and epithelial tissues of the nasal, lung and gastrointestinal tract. On the skin this is causing extensive skin rashes (google this). Ivermectin is helping with some Long-Covid skin rashes (Ivermectin prescribing restriction has been lifted: To buy Ivermectin phone 1-800-865-4160.

Hypersensitive mast cell responses linked to the mucous membranes are causing high volumes of clear nasal and lung-generated mucous at random times through the day and night. With a normal healthy person the immune system will ‘tolerate’ small doses of some foods without attempting to denature them and bind them with mucous for removal from the body. When this occurs, very mild symptoms for limited duration will occur, such as requiring to blow the nose after drinking some milk. The spike protein is reducing this tolerance in many people with Long-Covid and they are experience large amounts of clear exudate from the nose and are coughing up clear mucous for 30 minutes or so from the lungs. These ‘attacks’ appear random (although they are associated with delayed responses to specific antigens) and can occur at any time of the day or night. You can trial a combination of these modulating herbs: Rheumannia; Baical Skullcap; Bupleurum; Glossy Privet and St Mary’s Thistle.

Taking ‘Sudafed’ will assist in drying the mucous membranes and reduce the symptoms, however this drug will not restore the immune buffer that was in place pre-covid or pre-mRNA ‘vaccine’.
When production of the Covid spike in the body cells is stopped, the immune buffer appears to restore. This may take more than a year.

• Chronic Fatigue Along with brain fog, headaches, muscle and joint pains and lymph swelling, chronic fatigue is mostly associated with Epstein Barr viral re-activation. This virus and other herpes viruses (Chicken pox, Herpes 1 & 2, Cytomegalovirus) are being re-activated due to immune weakening from the Covid ‘vaccine’ and sometimes from SARS Covid-2. We have had a protocol for 30 years that successfully shuts the herpes viruses and it appears to be working well with many Long Covid virus-induced symptoms. The protocol is used in the Detox-cleanse.


• Pain-killing Drugs

Be warned not to take the addictive ‘pain killing drugs’ including oxycodone, gabapentin and ketamine, that the doctors will prescribe for certain Long-Covid symptoms of pain. Once addicted, it is a long haul to get free of these drugs. Before you decide to take these drugs, undertake our Comprehensive Detox-Cleanse program. Most pains abate if the protocol is closely followed.


• Colon Dysfunction

The Covid spike is producing colon-immune dysfunction that is causing chronic oscillating constipation and diarrhoea symptoms. Take 250 mg activated charcoal each week and a teaspoon of hydrated bentonite each week for several months, to help the colon environment and reduce this colon dysfunction. This is part of the Comprehensive Detox-Cleanse protocol (See www.


• Use of a Hydrgen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as an environmental, surgical disinfectant and as an oral disinfectant in the treatment of gingivitis and other nasal and oral pathogen infections. It converts to water and oxygen on contact to these pathogens. Use of hydrogen peroxide in the nasal and ora cavities controls the spread of these pathogens to the lower respiratory tract. This delay represents a window of therapeutic opportunity.

For improved oral health use the following procedure: After flossing teeth place 20 to 30 mls of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Swilling it around the teeth and use a toothbrush to help spread the solution. It will convert to oxygen and water. After a suitable time, spit it out; wash your mouth and then use toothpaste to freshen your mouth.

For improved nasal and lung health use 1% hydrogen peroxide with colloidal silver in a nebuliser. Use once a day. You can add a drop of oregano oil to this mix to assist lung function.

Extra Reading
General Information on Treating Long-Covid

The world health ‘authorities’ such as the WHO have published on their website, that up to 50% of people getting Covid are exhibiting post-covid or ‘Long-Covid’ symptoms such as
FatiguePersistent coughBreathlessnessChest painLoss of smellRunny nose and mucousChanges to tasteCognitive dysfunction Brain fog Mental fatigue Anxiety and/or low moods Memory difficulties Confusion Depression Dizziness. HeadachesJoint, muscle pain and weakness, back pain, leg pain and leg swellingPins and needlesLow-grade oscillating fevers and chills mostly at nightStomach and digestion difficulties, abdominal painSkin rashesTongue and pharynx rashesSwollen lymph nodesVisual changesNausea and vomitingPetechiae—easy bruising, or bleeding
Several hypotheses have been put forward for the immune mechanisms causing Long-Covid, such as immune dysregulation, auto-immunity, endothelial dysfunction, activation of coagulation and latent viral persistence, cardiovascular complications, particularly microthrombus formation. There are many low grade symptoms occurring from the Covid ‘vaccine’ and SARS Covid-2 virus—which strongly focuses attention on the synthetic spike protein in the SARS Covid-2 virus. The more serious illnesses are occurring following the mRNA ‘vaccination’, particularly the boosters.

While the more serious illnesses involve anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements and immediate deaths with mRNA ‘vaccines’, the other serious symptoms are myocarditis, pericarditis, GBS, autoimmune diseases such as Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), Guillain–Barré Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, de-myelinating neuropathies, systemic lupus erythematosus, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndromes in susceptible people. Other disorders such as miscarriages, narcolepsy, autoimmune hepatitis and activation of turbo cancers are becoming more common.

More Reading

Developers of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 gene therapy ‘vaccine’ had overlooked or failed to anticipate a common mistake in the translation in the body cells, of synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) to protein. This mistranslation appears to be causing the expression of potentially harmful proteins toxic to the body and immune system. As a result, some people who receive the shots develop immune responses to those proteins — and no one including almost all scientists know what the long-term consequences will be due to the body’s constant cell production of these proteins.

A recent publication in Nature, December 2023 ( )reports the potential ill health effects of protein mistranslation three years after the mRNA-based vaccine rollouts began.

Researchers including first author Thomas Mulroney, Ph.D., a Cambridge University toxicologist, found that N1-methylpseudouridine (NMpU), an artificial instruction inserted into mRNA and other mRNA-based gene therapy (mRNA ‘vaccines’), causes the machinery that translates the gene to the spike protein to “slip” about 10% of the time.
Slips, termed “frameshifts,” cause cells to skip an instruction and generate random-nonsense proteins which lead to undefined, unintended immune responses such as protein sensitising, loss of immune surveillance for cancer cells and a reduction in competency to eliminate some pathogens.

Frame shifts produce new and in most cases previously unknown synthetic proteins that the human body has no ability to recognise. This is an example of how it is working:
Consider the sentence: The cat sat on the mat (representing a normal message)
With a frame-shift leaving out for example, just the letter ‘t’, the sentence becomes: Hec ats ato nth ema

The ‘frame-shifted’ English language example becomes gibberish. However, in genetics, frame-shifted sequences may generate toxic proteins capable of evoking chronic incompetency in immune function.

Additional information about the synthetic spike protein
Ontologically, both Covid infection and ‘vaccination’ express the spike protein, though some subtle differences exist between the ‘vaccine’-generated spike and the infection-generated spike. Importantly, the spike protein encoded by ‘vaccines’ is static and does not undergo evolution, whereas the spike protein produced by Covid infection evolves as the virus evolves—and is becoming less virulent.
There is one exception to this, and that is when the vaccine is updated, as it is in the bivalent boosters of Pfizer and Moderna. These are expressing the spike protein of both upgraded sub-lineages accompanying the ancestral WA1/2020 strain. The other important distinction between ‘vaccine’ spike and infection spike is the stabilised pre-fusion state in the ‘vaccine’ spike—which results in an increased ACE2 binding affinity compared to spike proteins generated via SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The difference in the population of the circulating SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to the cellular produced spike protein (either vaccine or infection generated) of one’s initial immune imprinting has important implications for immune escape and immune-mediated damage. Immune escape is demonstrated as waning vaccine efficacy and immune-mediated damage is linked to turbo cancers, autoimmune diseases and cardio-vascular diseases, etc.

Information about Serotonin and Long-Covid