Being told by your doctor that you have cancer is a sure way to remind you of your mortality. Being diagnosed with a cancer mass however, is not necessarily a death sentence. Many people survive cancer without chemotherapy or radiation and it is believed that each of us have had spontaneous remission of many cancer micro-masses throughout our lives—without us even being aware of it. And, many times in post mortem, recognisable cancer masses have been found in people who have died naturally in old age—showing that many, if not the majority of people, ‘have cancer’.

The bigger a mass gets however, the less likely spontaneous remission is going to happen. The medical system has a tendency to induce fear in the general public with the threat that cancer is pretty well a death sentence. Often the system backs this up by urging ‘emergency’ treatment within a week of diagnosis.

The medical system primarily focuses on the cancer mass, not on what causes the cancer mass to form in the first place. Cutting out, poisoning and burning cancer masses is not addressing the root cause of the disease, and in fact, many doctors have been led to believe occurs through a chance mutation only—and you cannot treat ‘chance’.

The cause of a cell reverting to cancer behaviour at the DNA level is often viral-toxin manipulation of the DNA to cause changes to the fail-safe mechanisms related to replication. The formation of a cancer mass composed of zillions of cancer cells, occurs when the immune system loses its efficiency to daily remove billions of cancer cells. Simply treating the end-result (the cancer mass) is only doing the easy part of the work, and it generates easy money. We all understand that even with billions of dollars invested in cancer research, the treatment of cancer has progressed very little since surgery and chemotherapy were first used.

There are a very few REAL treatments that assist the body to eliminate the formation of cancer masses. I have found that the most successful protocol to treat a client with cancer is to firstly unload the immune system, then strengthen its communication focus to identify and eliminate cancer cells, then teach lifestyle approaches to maintain a ‘buffer’—in case the person finds themselves ‘in-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time’.

Maintaining a buffer for your immune system throughout your life—and understanding how to do this (it differs for each individual based on immune scaring) ensures that you have reserves do handle an unexpected illness or stressful event, for example, without your immune system becoming more damaged.

The immune system can be unloaded through:

• Removing any toxic chemical load—by improving organ functions through a detox/cleanse
• By reducing pathogenic load—making the body environments toxic to specific pathogens.
• By learning and then eating your ‘Signature Diet’—a self-tested optimal immune-diet, only applicable to an individual.
• By reducing any chemical, physical or mental stresses in a person’s life.

The strength of immune communication can be improved:

• By refocusing its ability to detect cancer cells—using specific immunisations and immune boosting natural medicines.
• By learning specific therapies, for example yoga techniques to reduce and unload emotional stress and boost the ‘Sense of Self’.
• By neutralising any effects of inappropriate vaccinations—for example, common ones that adults have, such as flu or whooping cough, as well as addressing scaring from vaccinations given earlier in life.

A ‘buffer’ for an immune system can be created and maintained:

• By improving the quality of sleep.
• By reducing (in your home and work environment) geopathic stress to a minimum.
• By undertaking specific types of exercises—including oxygen improvement through corrective exercises and dynamic endurance.
• By providing appropriate nutrition for the cells.
• By daily alignment of the muscular-skeletal body.
• Through daily boosting of specific acupuncture points using laser on: Spleen 6, Liver 3, Stomach 36, Gall Bladder 20, Lung 1, Governing Vessel 16 and Large intestine 4.


Except for the three ‘genetic’ cancers, all others are driven through lifestyle influences—

which also means the causes can be addressed once uncovered. While there is a hierarchy in the various influences that tend to cause cancer cells to accumulate as a mass, it is vital to understand that there are ALWAYS psychological factors at play with cancer.

If people approach their diagnosis and pending treatment with despair, they very often tend to lock themselves into only two avenues ahead. They can choose not to submit to the severe and often brutal orthodox treatments. They can rely on their skill-sets and find their own way through the illness. If they do this they often feel alone, because this is a way that is not acceptable to the hospital system, and sometimes of family and friends. The loneliness and the sense of doing something wrong, can be very difficult to bear.

If, on the other hand they take the other option and adapt to the wishes and demands of the medical system and doctors, which they perhaps may not fully understand nor have any control over, they are likely to lose their sense of Self, and their individuality, as they submit to the rules of others.

If they do take the second path, they will be accepted by others, mainly those in medical authority, for what they do, not who they are, and, they may have to battle to connect with themselves to dissolve any feelings of self-rejection. This may occur subconsciously but nevertheless will add additional cruelty and a harder burden to bear. If these are the only two pathways that you perceive as your options, the outlook generally seems bleak and justifies despair.

There is a third option, however, which can increase your options, sense of control as well as increasing your chances of recovering from your cancer. You can accept limited or specific actions by the doctors, such as an operation to remove a cancer mass which will tip the balance in favour of the immune system. But if you stop there, you are relying on luck or hope that your immune system will be strong enough to clear any remaining cancer cells away—and keep them away for the rest of your life. This is a risky gamble.

If at the same time you undertake a program to unload, strengthen, and provide a buffer for your immune system over the years ahead, you are essentially freeing it up to do the job it has always done, and will always do, given the right opportunity to do it. That is, allow the body to age gracefully, to its potential longevity in excess of 90 years with good health and without cancer masses.

At the Health Ecology Centre, we have been assisting clients through their cancer treatments, or supporting those who have opted out of orthodox treatments, for over 20 years with immense success.
We focus on your immune system so it can get back to doing what it’s there to do—keeping you in optimal health.
Contact us for an initial consultation to find out if our ‘Healing From Cancer Support Program‘ can help you make a long-term recovery from cancer.

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