Last week’s announcement in the NY Times that another experimental Alzheimer’s drug which had previously appeared to show promise, has failed its large clinical trial.

Although there appeared widespread disappointment from the researchers and Alzheimer community in general, other Alzheimer’s experts outside the trials said they were not surprised by the results, reflecting an emerging scientific understanding of Alzheimer’s as a disease that begins years before any symptoms emerge. Constant contact with chemicals through our lifestyle and in our foods is most often the cause of long term mental illnesses.

Recreational drugs, petrol (sniffing), alcohol abuse, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides and many types of prescription drugs, are known to cause ongoing brain deterioration with constant exposure. But, the question is, what do all these brain-damaging products have in common? They are all derived from complex plant defense chemicals.

One popular plant chemical is at last being acknowledged by the medical establishment as a potent contributor to long term brain damage, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia– is fructose. More and more diseases are being linked to fructose, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that we see increasing in children. These diseases are being linked to changes to genes in the brain that are caused by constant contact with fructose.

Fructose has been recognised as a potential contributor to mental illness for decades, but there is still huge resistance by the fruit and grain industry as well as vegetarian-inclined people to acknowledge this fact.

Having completed thousands of case studies over the last 20 years on the effects of fructose on brain function and deterioration, I believe these scientists are on the right track, but in my experience it is not only the fructose molecule that causes the degeneration.  It is a more complex association between fructose and other natural plant defence chemicals such as lectins, that occur in all grains and most fruits, that together, cause brain deterioration.

For susceptible people with oscillating aldolase-B production in their livers it is continual high consumption of plant-based foods (for example in grains – breads, pastas, rice, oats, cakes, biscuits and most processed foods, sauces etc but also found in vegetables and fruits), along with the daily consumption of fructose (in sugar, fruit, fruit juices, dried fruits, and fast foods, bakery products etc) that enables un-phosphoralated fructose to bind to the grain or fruit lectins and enter the brain – this is eventually what causes the damage.

I have always considered health from the perspective of biology and the effects our lifestyle has on our immune system and as a result have had immense success over the years in assisting people to reverse chronic, and in some cases terminal diseases.

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