Are you one of the 20% of people in Australia who suffer from hayfever? Hayfever
The hayfever season is in full swing now, so what can you do to ease your symptoms other than taking immunosuppressants recommended by your doctor, such as antihistamines, corticosteroid nasal sprays, decongestants, and eye drops?
There is a magic cure that I have used for decades for those people with compromised immune systems linked to Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) activity who also suffer from hayfever.
In spring, the countryside in and around Canberra has plants that use wind-pollinated distribution of seeds—such as rye grass pollens—which are the likely external triggers of people’s allergic rhinitis (hayfever). By the second week in spring, people with even slightly compromised immune systems, start having sneezing fits, develop runny noses, have itchy swelling eyes, nose, throat/inner ears, and possibly an intense, stabbing frontal headache.
The magic cure is to unload part of your liver function by experimenting with your diet. You see, an immune system that is under stress, ‘leans’ on the liver. You will know when your liver function is compromised, due to the purple-black discolouration occurring under your eyes. You commonly see this with hayfever sufferers – the allergic shiners’.
So the magic cure: the easiest and fastest way to stop hayfever symptoms is to remove all fructose from your diet during the spring months. Removing fructose unloads the liver and frees it up to aid the immune system in dealing with the seeds and pollens around you. This requires removing ALL fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice, table sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave, fast foods, wine and beer. This is a simple fix if you really want to be rid of your hayfever.
You can test whether this approach helps you. The first morning of a test, you have fruit juice, dried fruit or fruit with your breakfast and note if hayfever symptoms occur within the next hour – and once you get a response do what you have to do to reduce the symptoms.
The next morning ensure you remove all foods containing fructose. Take note of any symptoms over the next hour. You may have to do this over a few days to be convinced but I am confident you will see a difference!
If you see an improvement but still experience some symptoms you can then try Allergy Antitox or another natural remedy that we can make just for you at our clinic. If symptoms persists, you can then try the next step, which is removing all grains from your diet (including rice and corn). Some people need to be totally off grains to really unload their immune system/liver, and thus eliminate all hayfever symptoms. (You can undertake a personal food trial to test your response to grains). 
By the end of November, hayfever is usually over and fructose can once again be consumed by most people.
If you suffer from spring hayfever, it costs no money to have a go at this little test—only a little discipline. Good luck!