Most of us have, at some point tried to or wanted to lose weight —be it simply a few kilograms ahead of a wedding or special event, or a heavy duty life-changing extreme weight loss program. Weight loss and scales
However weight is more than kilograms or a too-tight pair of jeans. Weight is emotional, spiritual and energetic. Often when we need to lose weight looking beyond diet and exercise can be helpful. If your emotional ‘heaviness’ is not addressed the physical weight is unlikely to budge or will soon pile back on.
The number one cause of disease in your physical body is emotional stress, a fact Bill has seen in over 10,000 case studies and 25 years of clinical practice.  And one of the most successful industries continues to be the weight loss industry.
When people come to Bill Giles Health Ecology with chronic diseases, including weight challenges, we work by addressing the physical body, normally first, because it is something we can all relate to and something everyone can understand. However, ultimately what we do—and where the real healing and long-term change comes—is work with the emotions. Once we show people that they can shift their emotions and change their negative and limiting beliefs to positive ones, it’s more than the weight that shifts.
Life shifts. Life propels forward with meaning and purpose.
As we start to change belief systems that generally we are not aware of, yet drive and shape who we really are and what we do, life starts to flow with momentum and joy.
Suddenly, as we start to help people lift the energetic forces that the non-conscious relates to, the physical weight starts to drop off. All of us respond to our emotions via our physical world, often through food. But once we identify, truly feel, and understand our emotions we can use them like a rudder to steer our lives in a sweeter direction, or we can release them if they no longer serve us .
Suddenly that empty space is filled with joy and love, and the need to fill up on food diminishes.
What we see, time and time again, are long-term results. People become well again. They become who they were meant to be. And when people are well, happy, driven, energetic, and joyful, then food becomes a positive part of that experience.
Food no longer holds you hostage, it is there to be enjoyed, savoured, shared and above all you can tune into your body and nourish it with what it needs.
True health involves your whole being: physical, emotional and spiritual. That’s why our Weight Loss Programs look beyond fat-loss through diet and exercise, to the underlying triggers of weight gain. These programs address emotional stress and improve the efficiency of your immune system (which underpins your entire mental an physical wellbeing). Contact us today to find out how you can lose weight and start feeling more energetic, healthier and stronger!