If you are interested in taking your yoga to another level, Consider joining the 10-week online raja yoga course with one of Australia’s most experienced yoga scholar

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If you feel that you have benefitted from practicing Hatha Yoga with its stretching and breathing in postures, you will get double the benefit by learning and practicing the sister yoga known as Raja Yoga.

I am now offering an online course of inquiry into the practices of Raja Yoga.

Join me for this journey into one of the most broadly applicable and practical insights into the values of higher purpose living.  For 20 years, I have taught these courses through my yoga school—Samyama Yoga.  This is not a religious journey, quite the opposite.  Religion requires practicing the alignment with other people on a Godhead philosophy, that supports social living.  Raja Yoga is a spiritual journey within the sanctity of your mind, uncovering the reality of your basic nature, the evolution of this nature, and the integration of your nature with others.

Hatha and Raja Yoga combined, give the tools to uncover a completeness to your life story. Each weekly lesson varies from 60 to 90 minutes. Take this opportunity, and express your interest to do this valuable course.







My Background

I have always had an inquiring mind and in 1972 I had finished five years of engineering and knew it could give me an income but would not give me the answers I desired about: life, purpose, love, sadness, relationships, God, ageing, health, mind, reality, and all the questions young people ask.

I had joined the Rosicrucian Order to get insight into the metaphysics and mysteries of life from that perspective, and I was enrolled full-time to study the science of biology.  I was introduced to yoga in that year.  I still practice as a clinical biologist and I am still engrossed in the philosophy and practice of yoga.

My engineering training gave me a practical way of enquiring.  My biology gave me the science of life, while the Rosicrucians gave me the ability to look at the mystical nature of reality.  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is an ancient text that I found ties many of my experiences together and has opened a world, neither science, engineering, nor the mystical studies could do.  I can guide you to this understanding, without you having to do 12 years full-time study post highschool and 50 years intense inquiry, like I have done.

Using biology, I will introduce:

• The basics about brain function—the task positive and task negative networks of the brain.
• The basics of the hemisphere modulation.
• How to get your brain oxygen to carbon dioxide balances right.
• How to recognise and adjust the rhythms of the brain neuro-hormonal chemicals.
• How to balance brain fructose for the best brain health.
• How to sidestep brain degeneration (Alzheimer’s, dementia, schizophrenia, paranoia, bipolar).
• Methods to improve brain health through sleep.
• Methods to shut down pathogenic superantigen viruses linked to brain degeneration.
• The exercises you need to do to fix your gut and help fix your brain (the vagus nerve connection).
• The method to test for yourself, the ultimate brain diet.
• How to remove brain fog.
• The best herbal medicine, flower essences and homoeopathics to assist brain function.
• How to detox the brain.

BonusAn introduction to the five-social-survival-traits—learn about your basic beliefs, your way of thinking and behaving, as you attempt to survive socially—and how to evolve this.

From raja yoga you will learn and experience:

• The spiritual journey customised to you—delve into the myth of your life.
• The duality of your mind—how to find the other you.
• The ultimate purposes for you—building of your life temple.
• How to influence the emotional flow of love and joy for yourself and others—how to improve this.
• The loss of emotional flow (negative emotions)—how to quickly reverse these.
• The difference between pratyahara (quietening the senses and mind chatter), and dhyana (meditation—the process of making harmony flow between the duality of your mind).
• Samadhi and the building of your higher purpose character traits throughout life and how to express them.
• How to have more influence and confidence on the direction of your future.
• The siddhis—the psychic abilities we all possess, but ignore through over-dependence on our intellect.
• How to experience a high sense of self, along with increased self-love and self-joy.
• The five ways you relate to your non-conscious mind to create the person you wish to be.
• The real kundalini, the true chakras, the hidden purpose of pranayama, the magic of nada, and much more

Course Literature

For the course you will be given free, a copy of my publication ‘The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali—a practical interpretation’ 2004, ISBN 095785776X.  This 168 page book is written for students (it sells on Amazon for $80.00).  You don’t have to understand ancient Sanskrit.

You will also be given three beautiful texts that complement the Yoga Sutra:

  • In Search of Yoga (90 pages)
  • The Yoga of Happiness (126 pages)
  • The Yoga of Samadhi (97 pages)


All the Sanskrit words are referenced with page numbers and samples of meanings from the respected dictionary of the translations of classical Sanskrit words into English, by Sir Monier Monier-Williams first published in 1899 by the Oxford University Press.

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From my understanding, all yoga practices point toward the Yoga Sutra and the key to life purpose. A big call, but I have found this, even with all my science/engineering training, so I am sure you will get a great deal of benefit, even with your wealth of life knowledge and skills. This text was written around 2000 years ago and is regarded as one of the 6 schools of Indian philosophy. It has only one book for the entire philosophy, unlike all the other philosophies which have hundreds of texts.

During the course you will need to access reference material, either in books, or on the internet. There is a lot being written about the Sutra these days. Originally I studied about 20 versions of the sutra over several years, and couldn’t make sense of any of them. So I studied ancient Sanskrit, along with a tutor, and with this, I started to break down the roots of each of the words in the Yoga Sutra, and their context in each sentence.

It took me three years, working two to three hours every day, before I had the text in a readable and useable format. Then I wrote two books about the Sutra, and three companion books. I have taught raja yoga classes for more than 20 years to some very bright people. Normally, the course takes a year to get through this text, however much will be covered in the 10 week course. To give the course more practicability I will be incorporating clinical immunobiology where applicable in the teachings.

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