We offer the following mental wellbeing services:

1. Mental health diet: While alcohol or drugs cause detrimental changes to brain neurochemistry—the inability to metabolise fructose is the most common driver of emotional upset.

We will tutor you through a Fructose Challenge Trial so you can determine the effect of fructose on your brain. We then help you plan an optimal mental health diet specifically for you.

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2. Herbal medicines, flower essences and homoropathic constitutional medicines assist with mental health. We use electodermal testing to accurately determine the best combination for you.

3. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a physical technique that releases unresolved emotional issues from the past linked to ongoing emotional stress. It often manifests as physical symptoms. Bill and Larisa have been NET practitioners for more than 25 years.

4. Clinical psychological therapies assist to reestablish mental wellbeing. We provide clinical hypnotherapy and Samyama therapy from Yoga to neutralise emotional stress.

Focused counselling and psychotherapy are then used to reestablish normal mental health. Bill has more than 35 years experience with these therapies.

5. We can teach you self-therapies which can quickly neutralise emotional stress, lift self-definition, settle the chatter in your mind and enable you to more competently deal with the daily life challenges.

6. Personal Collage therapy is a physical tool people create to assist with mental wellbeing. It promotes confidence to make better choices towards a sweeter life. Once constructed, it is influential for about 6 months.

It generates momentum; assists with mental focus; provides insight and uncovers personal meaning and purpose in life. You will be tutored through the construction of your personal collage and the best ways to use it.

Book your appointment, or to get information about the different techniques, phone:

Bill Giles on 0437276447

Larisa Zoska on 0408942178

Sophie Eldridge on 0418488729

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