For more than 30 years our Health clinical focus has been: All immune-related chronic diseases such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers and difficult to treat
immune-related illnesses such as premature organ-degeneration and general chronic aches and pains.

We specialise in combining – Medicines & Supplements with Therapies (and Self-therapies) with lifestyle to

Strengthen & refocus immune systems.

Boost organ functions and overall health.

Improve well being of mind & body.

Medicines at out Health Clinic:

  • Customised herbal and homoeopathic medicines.
  • High-quality supplements such as
    – D-mannose, hydrolyte replacement, magnesium, vitamin-C
    – zinc complex and colloidal silver.


  • Corrective exercises (based on yoga/martial arts/Oriental osteopathy).
  • Neuro-emotional Therapy (NETs).
  • Hypnotherapy; psychotherapy, self-psychotherapy and counselling.

Functional Testing:

We use electrodermal comparative testing for:

  • Organ functional efficiency.
  • Immune system (innate and adaptive systems) for efficiency and scarring.
  • Food intolerances and micro-intolerances.

Lifestyle Influences

based on more than 10,000 clinic case studies

We place a great emphasis on teaching our clients the lifestyle factors that are preventing their bodies from repairing, regenerating and self regulating (according to immunobiology and psychobiology). We make available programs that teach effective tools and techniques for improved mental and physical health at our Health Clinics in Canberra and Bowral.

  • Emotional stress
  • Plant defence toxins
  • Sleep quality
  • Infectious pathogens
  • Poor fitness/injury
  • Poisons and toxins
  • Inappropriate vaccinations
  • Poor nutrition
  • Damaging environments

In order to get better long-term health results, we prefer to introduce our clients to healthier individual lifestyles according to immunobiology and psychobiology. From the results of the functional testing of organs and immune stability, we get a pretty good idea of the necessary level of understanding that should be required for the individual to take control of their health.

We can take people through one-to-one training, or they can join small groups doing the online programs with follow-up practical workshops.

Bring back balance and harmony in your body, health and life...

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