I’m typically what you’d call a ‘healthy’ person. Average weight range for my age and height, yada yada yada. However, I found that I would wake up most days wanting more sleep and feeling a bit foggy throughout the first few hours of getting up. Ultimately, I wanted MORE energy to be able to focus better, get more done and be more ‘on’.

For years I’d been wanting to learn how my body worked most efficiently rather than following some random ‘diet’ or ‘way of eating’. I wanted something that would work for ME rather than some generalised thing.

I decided to work with Bill and the team so I could have more energy, and what ended up happening pretty much straight away was extraordinary! More alertness from when I woke. I have lost cm’s from my hips and my ‘mummy tummy’ that I thought I was going to be stuck with forever has gone.

Most importantly, I am learning how to manage and eat for MY body. I love it.

I would (and do) highly recommend this program.

Thanks guys!

Nicola Moras

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