The Nada Connection Retreat

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Almost all lifestyle diseases have a connection to some form of emotional stress. Your mind is powerful and if there is intense disharmony and disconnection within your mind it can eventually manifest in your physical body as disease.

When we see dis-ease in the body we are more than likely looking at dis-ease in the mind. You may have had, have a cancer mass or you may feel you are running a risk of developing one.

In today’s modern world with its hectic pace, it is so easy to find ourselves being too busy, moving too fast, thinking and analysing too much, being focused “out there”, and we become disconnected from ourselves—from our “heart”.

We can feel disconnected from our soul, our higher purposes, from nature and from each other. When this happens we end up leading with our head and ignore our heart’s desires.

Our mental and physical discord will impact on our connection to our partners, children, our community. We can feel removed from our life’s purpose and at worst, lose all understanding of what that purpose even is.

Stress, depression, feeling stuck and lost, and constantly searching for answers, are all signs that you have disconnected from the inner part of you—the essential essence of who you are.

We all create stories about our lives and when we feel disconnected, those stories will often be based upon limiting rules and beliefs that we have about who we are, and what we can achieve. Some of these rules and beliefs you may be able to recognise—and some will be buried deep, but they still drive you and your life in a certain direction.

And your life will lack love, joy, momentum, passion, peace, harmony and flow…and health.

You can change all that.

Learn Powerful Tools To Shift Your Life

Drawing on almost 28 years of clinical practice working with people with chronic diseases, and over 55 years of practicing and teaching Classical Yoga, using psychobiology, counselling, NET’s, NLP, hypnotherapy, Alpha and Silver techniques, as well as 22 years experience as a Rosicrucian, I am inviting you to join me for the most transformational week of your life.

In a beautiful 5-star retreat setting we invite you to come and stay with us. Get away and spend 5 days focussing on you. You will rest, reconnect with nature, and most importantly, reconnect with yourself.

You will spend time in classical meditation, yoga classes each day, learn ancient and modern breathing techniques to quickly change your physiology and mental state. Learn why you behave as you do with your partner children, family and strangers. Practice the techniques that will improve your interpersonal relationships for more self love and joy. Uncover your absolute limiting beliefs and rules—and by replacing them, release restricting limitations on your life. Learn how to hear and use your intuition every day to keep your life closer to your sweet life-path. Understand your negative emotions for what they really are, and why you feel so much tension in your body— and practice amazing techniques to dissolve them.

When & Where?

Upcoming Retreat dates are Sunday October 22nd – Friday October 27th 2017, at:

Sylvan Glen, a beautiful Southern Highlands venue offering high class, country charm with exclusive access to heritage guesthouse accommodation.

Use this setting to reconnect with you and nature as you’ll be surrounded by 60 private acres of woodland and water with kangaroos bounding across the gardens as the sun goes down.

In the historic country guesthouse with beautifully decorated and updated ensuite rooms you can get cosy on the couches in front of the fireplace during the breakout times and take your mediation onto the decking looking out over the countryside.

Sylvan Glen is an easy 90 minute drive from Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong. And once you’re on the property you’ll feel miles away from everything!

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5 Day Life Transformation Retreat.

To begin, set the foundations for your transformation with 5 x Live Online Preparatory Teachings and homework with Bill Giles in the lead up to your retreat.

The Retreat itself includes:

Advanced teaching with Bill Giles for 5 days.

Relax in a beautiful country/bush setting enjoying, learning, growing…transforming… through daily teachings and practices of yoga, meditation, learning what nada and kundalini really are, in order to enhance and clear the way for increased self-love, spiritual awareness, passion and connection with yourself, others and your life journey.

You will learn how to increase your intuitive and psychic awareness (called siddhis in Classical yoga) and create tools so you can begin to use these parts of your mind in everyday life.

Prepare for each day and create harmony within mind and body through traditional hatha yoga practice, along with influences from Eastern healing philosophies including the meridian system from Chinese medicine and traditional Oriental osteopathy. This will be Integrated with modern health therapies based on psychobiology and immunobiology to teach you practical and powerful techniques to keep your body and mind healthy.

True life transformation starts with you. And it all starts here.

Also included:
Beautiful accommodation
All Meals
Plenty of time to relax, integrate and reflect on what comes up for you during the workshops and enough time for you to enjoy the inspiring landscape and the beautiful homestead.

Investment for everything above, and more is $4000 AUD.

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