KickStart Program

The Foundational Work – Unloading Your Body.

If you wake up feeling tired and lacking energy no matter how much sleep you get or suffer daily aches and pains, migraines, bloating & gas, weight you can’t seem to shift…

…If you feel ‘out of whack’ or that something just isn’t right with your body or if you have been actually diagnosed with a chronic illness or autoimmune disease it’s an indication that

Your immune system is under stress, under reasourced and one or more of your organs will be dysfunctioning.

You can eliminate chronic and autoimmune symptoms by unloading your immune system and allowing it to repair…

Your immune system underpins your entire physical and mental health.

When your immune system or organs dysfunction you will experience symptoms of ill-health ranging from aches and pains and bowel upsets and depending on how stressed your body gets you may go on to develop chronic illness, autoimmune diseases and cancers.


Lymph & Organ Cleanse/Detox… Unload the immune system by improving the function of all the major organs as well as removing heavy metals, industrial/commercial chemicals and flushing the lymphatic system.

Typical liver cleanse and detox programs on the market have a narrow focus and don’t work with the lymphatic and immune systems.  This cleanse gives your body the chance to start working correctly…weight will shift, brain fog will clear & many if not all chronic symtoms will start to ease or go altogether…

This is the foundation for Phase 2…



Creating your Signature Diet will allow you to eliminate foods that:
• Waste immune resources
• Trigger inappropriate immune responses &
• Feed cancer cells
By creating a ‘diet’ that works perfectly for your body allows you true freedom to make choices around foods that you know will support ongoing health. And you’ll know the exact response of your body, for those ‘breakout’ times!

You can learn how to have an enjoyable and satisfying diet…without sacrificing your health.


We all know ‘sugar’ is bad for us…but understanding how much fructose you can tolerate and what effect it has on you is essential to maintaining health for the long term.

Fructose will always have a negative impact on your emotional wellbeing so, by learning how your body reacts to fructose you can support your emotional wellbeing, live a life with more joy and momentum and mitigate mental health problems in your future (like dementia, alzeimers etc)

What’s Different About This?

We LOVE this Question! Our approach is different from anyone else..we know, we’ve checked! Our work is based on philosophies from biology (-psycho, -evoluntionary & -immuno), human ecology & botany combined with Traditional Chinese MedicineHypnotherapyAcupuncture & Classical Yoga

…Meaning we have a truly holisitc approach to your body and health.

If you have tried everything and are still searching for the answer…this is it!

What Involved?

First up we will MAP your Immune System and Organ Function using electrodermal testing (via urine sample)
– You will get a 1:1 consult where we will discuss what & how many scars you have on your immune system and the key influences.   –   We will tell you about your organ function and what viruses, pathogens and bacteria you have present. The why your body isn’t working right.
– You’ll receive a fully customised cleanse kit.
– Any herbal and/or homeopathic medicines required- based on your testing results.
– Fortnightly live, online coaching sessions – recorded to download and refer to them forever. And weekly 1:1 check-in’s on the alternate weeks.
– Educational videos to download and keep forever.
– Private Facebook group – join an amazing community.


I’m forever grateful to Bill Giles for changing my lifestyle. My only regret is I didn’t know about them earlier...” Sue Dawes Canberra

This is for you if:

– You have chronic ill health, autoimmune disease or a cancer.
– You know you work well with mentors who can give you instant feedback and advice…and call you on your excuses!
– YOU who are READY to take control of your health and make some real changes.
– You who want to solve the PROBLEM of not feeling good – all the time!
– You have tried many other ways to make change – unsuccessfully.
– You who want to see the big picture when it comes to your life.
– You are not afraid to INVEST in your self-growth and will DO THE WORK

This is not for you:

Our Programs are not for everyone, if you are:
– NOT committed to investing time or resources in yourself.
– A person who just wants all the free stuff and uses that to justify their non-results and discordant choices.
– Someone who wants to pay for others to manage their health.
– A person who gets excited and endorphin rushes when they see possibilities like this but never actually take action…

but, I know that’s not you…

A Word from Bill Giles

“When I developed my autoimmune diseases and couldn’t find any answers from the medical system…I used my biology background to find answers to my question –  how can a person live free of their symptoms using lifestyle, natural medicines and self therapies.  I’ve been symptom free of my chronic immune illnesses for nearly 3 decades now and been helping others to be the same over the past 28 years in clinical practice.  I’ve spent decades refining my work, so you don’t have to!”

Are You Ready To Heal?

If you’re done searching for answers, done feeling like crap and done depending on docs and meds – we can help you help yourself to heal…what are you waiting for?

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