How You can be More Competent in Maintaining Great Health

We are aware that when we consult a doctor, the consultation will probably last for only several minutes. If the doctor cannot make a diagnosis or determine a drug for the illness, we will be referred for blood tests, scans, cultures, etc. It may take days or even weeks for the results to be returned to the doctor for further decisions on more tests, or the prescription of a drug, an operation, or a medical procedure. I can generalise and say that orthodox medicine is very good for life-saving emergency, physical injuries, acute pain, acute infection, but it is not very good at helping people increase their competency in maintaining great health throughout their lives.


There are only three broad methods for helping with illness, disease or injury. They are: the use of medicines, the use of therapies, and changes to lifestyle.


The medicines that doctors prescribe are mostly drug based—we know these are dangerous and reduce life-expectancy with long-term use.


The therapies that doctors undertake are mostly operations, and the use of implanted devices.


The protocols of orthodox medicine have little to do with actually supervising lifestyle change to improve and Maintaining Great health. Doctors usually refer to allied practitioners to do this, and these are rarely selected from complementary and alternative therapies such as chiropractors/osteopaths, herbalists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, psychotherapists and others.


As you may understand, this approach limits patient access to about 50% of the health care practitioners in Australia. Larisa and myself are complementary practitioners with more than 50 years combined experience helping people restore health.


When you have an appointment with either Larisa or myself, your first consultation may take as long as 90 minutes, because we have to examine your health symptoms in a historic content, and examine your body using principles from Chinese medicine, acupuncture, organ and muscular-skeletal alignment.


Then we will use electrodermal testing to help determine any changes to normal function of the major organs, immune and nervous systems (these are complex tests).


We then cross reference the effects of chemicals, pathogens, electromagnetic influences, organ stasis/physical injury, micronutrition, vaccination influence, and emotional stress with these.


At this stage the testing protocol will vary in its emphasis. The overall aim is firstly to determine short-term assistance to reduce symptoms, and secondly, the things a client needs to do to return to symptom-free health for the long term. The short term assistance usually involves, therapy (self-therapy), prescription of herbal and homoeopathic medicines and sometimes supplements.


We are specialists in assisting with long-term health. We have spent our clinical careers teaching people how to be more competent at maintaining better health—to reduce their dependence on the medical system.


This mostly involves tutoring clients in testing lifestyle choices in nine areas of life—based on the biology principles of human ecology and behaviour, and psychobiology—as well as learning physical, mental and social techniques to be healthier. We do this through assisting with self-trials, teaching yoga classes and conducting various workshops.


If you are a person who prefers to be more in control of your mental, physical and social health, you can depend on us to help you with this.


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