Homoeopathic Immunisation

For more than five months now, I have been giving this homoeopathic Immunisation authoimmunisation to clients who want a more competent immune response to the Covid-2 virus, and also to those who were presenting with post Covid symptoms.  It is made from SARS Covid-2 nosode, along with related RNA and superantigen virus nosodes.  It has a focusing base of select homoeopathic Immunisation medicines to support liver and lymph function.  

From the feedback by the vast majority of these people, this immune-focusing oral immunisation is proving to be a great medicine to stop the progression of SARS Covid-2 evolving from a B-cell response to a CD8 T-cell response.  This stops any T-cell cytokine storms from injuring the lungs, and reduces the sore throats, headaches and cough symptoms to minimal.  The downside is that it is a homoeopathic medicine and needs to be taken once a day or every two days to keep boosting the competency of the adaptive immune system to focus on Covid-2.  It costs $28.00 for a 50 ml bottle and lasts about 6 weeks.

An unexpected side benefit of this oral immunisation for many people, has also been the removal of chronic respiratory symptoms caused by other nasal/throat and lung viruses (there are more than 200 recorded respiratory viruses).  It is shaping up to be an excellent, and totally safe substitute, for any coronavirus vaccination. 

Make no mistake—the bureaucracy will pressure you to  have a Covid vaccination, whether you want it or not; whether you support vaccinations; or whether you are an advocate for being able to have free-choice on which vaccinations you will accept being injected into your body.  If you don’t have confidence in the coming vaccinations (I certainly don’t, but then I probably know much more about coronavirus vaccinations than you do), get the homoeopathic Immunisation Covid-2 authoimmunisation and use it when you need.

I rarely get into the vaccination debate

Although I have had decades testing for the benefits and hazards of vaccinations in a clinical setting.  As a theory in science, vaccinations should work.  In practice, they can be disastrous for health for some people, making their lives chronically miserable.  Over nearly 30 years, I have observed quite a number of clients experience normal and good health right up to their mid-nineties—and they have had annual influenza vaccinations (as well as other types of vaccinations when they have travelled overseas).  On the other hand, I have worked with 50 times that number of people, from infants to ancients, who have suffered chronic symptoms within a few weeks of having a vaccination.  There is a spectrum of individual responses to vaccinations—one size does not fit all.  So where are you on this spectrum?

The self-observations by people suggesting that vaccinations have caused their chronic illnesses are mostly anecdotal, and are not considered within the scope of the science of vaccinations—although the US government, from 1986 to 2011, has paid out more than 2.35 billion dollars in court-determined compensations to people who were able to prove that their vaccination caused their chronic health issue (1).  But it must be remembered that these people ‘believe’ the vaccinations are behind their symptoms—this is the point. 

In my clinic experiences, almost all of my clients who attributed their (or their children’s) ill-health to a vaccination, originally were supporters of vaccinations in varying capacities, before their health deteriorated.  How do you convert these people back to being believers in vaccinations.  The medical/bureaucratic system turns against these people rather than supporting them and examining their claims.  They label them as anti-vaxes, or free-choice advocates and lump them in with ‘flat-earthers’, or those who believe in homoeopathic and herbal medicines, or they are blandly considered to be conspiracy theorists and dismissed.  

When my clients start to question something like the safety of vaccinations, they start to undertake due diligence around the history, efficacy and safety of vaccinations—I highly commend this.  Few of us, however, ever do our own research, preferring to trust the systems, the vaccination companies, and the bureaucrats.  

By definition, vaccinations are an assault on an individual’s body.


Simply because they physically expose a body to an antigen (live or attenuated pathogen, or an environmental toxin).  This is a bit like exposing your body to an industrial toxin such as lacquer thinner, or MSG, or to a semi-lethal mushroom.  Healthy people will have an immune-nervous system and organs that cope with these chemicals, while others will experience dreadful symptoms, and some really unwell people with compromised immune systems and failing organs, will die.  Most of the public will lie somewhere between these extremes.  Individual response to vaccination assault will vary from week to week, as a person’s health is influenced by toxins, emotional stress, sleep quality, infections, available micro-nutrition, physical injury, along with the physical nature of the environment in which the person is living (radiation, temperature, wind, altitude, moisture, etc).

And so when my clients say they are going to have a vaccination, I help them to prepare their bodies for this assault.  I get them to temporarily unload their immune system through lifestyle; boost immune competency with herbal medicine and certain supplements; improve the competency of immune focus on the particular antigen, using authoimmunisations, before the vaccination is injected into their body; give medicines to optimise autonomic nervous competency; show physical and mental exercises to support the whole body before and after the vaccination (support must be continued for up to 6 weeks after the vaccination).

Some Advice

My advice about the Covid-2 vaccination is not to rush out and have one—resist the media spin.  Wait and observe what is happening to those who feel they need a Covid vaccination immediately.  Do due diligence and observe for several weeks.  Do this for your own mental and physical health and that of your children.  Decide if you are observing any health reactions in those people you know who have had the vaccination.  From your own personal observations, you determine if your body (or your children’s body) will withstand the assault.  If you then decide to have the Covid-2 vaccination, make your body as healthy as possible before and after the vaccination.

Here is some advice for undertaking due diligence on your research about vaccinations: Don’t make your decisions based on television and internet news—news is not science, it is an opinion and it manipulates you.  Don’t listen to your medical doctor for advice about the history/efficacy/safety of vaccinations.  Don’t use ‘Google’ to search for vaccination research.  Use search engines such as ‘Swisscows’, otherwise you will mostly get manipulated propaganda. Look up websites from respected practitioners in complementary medicine such as Nora Gedgaudas (https://www.primalbody-primalmind.com/) or watch the video ‘Plandemic’ and start your search from the information presented, or watch the Youtube debate between Robert Kennedy Jr, and Alan Dershowitz.


To order your SARS Covid-2 homoeopathic Immunisation authoimmunisation: Contact Bill Giles

(1) https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/vaccine-injury-compensation-programs

 Bill Giles
Clinical Immunobiologist
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