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Our Health Clinic Bowral, specialise in the recovery from chronic immune diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, and generally poor health.

We customise Natural Medicines, Customised Nutrition, Self Therapies and Changes to lifestyle for each client, with the aim to reestablish better health and reduce their dependence on the hospital system and pharmecutical medicines.

For our clients, we use holistic mind-body healthcare to integrate their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual relationships. These are interconnected and any changes to one affects each of the others to varying degrees. Depending on the disease, one to several appointments may be required (and if a client wishes, they have access to weekly classes or online webinars).

Our Health Clinic Bowral Services

Emotional Stress

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  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuroemotional Therapy (NETs)
  • Counselling Therapy
  • Collage Therapy

Health Programs

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  • Four-week Detox/Cleanse (read more)
  • Three Month Kickstart Program (read more)
  • Six-week Grain-free Challenge (read more)
  • Two-week Fructose Challenge
  • Intermittent Fasting Program and Full Fasting Program (read more)
  • Autophagy Health Program (read more)

Electrodermal Testing

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  • Organ function/structure
  • Immune System Function
  • Pathogen Status
  • Toxicity
  • Autonomic Nervous Function
  • Nutrition Status

Immune Programs

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Yoga Classes

Health Clinic Bowral
  • Wednesday Nights
  • 6.00pm to 7.30pm
  • 7.30pm to 9.00pm

We help people with chronic illnesses using medicines, therapies and changes to lifestyle

Meet our Team at Our Health Clinic Bowral

Bill Giles
Immunobiologist, Yoga Teacher

Formal training: post graduate degrees in science from the University of Queensland and the Australian National University, specialising in biology (ecology/ethology).

Post University training: employed on research teams CSIRO, Uni Qld, John Curtin School Medical Research. Through this employment my focus became human immunobiology, which is a branch of biology that examines the ecology and function of the immune system in the various ways it deals with infections, toxins, cancers, autoimmune diseases—and its attempts to maintain the optimal health of each of the individual cells that compose the body.

Clinical career commensed in 1987. The principle aim overall has been to empower people experiencing chronic immune-related health issues with the tools to regain and maintain normal health as they age, without relying totally on the medical system. This has required writing a dozen self-help books from cancer to yoga to autoimmune diseases to diets. This has also required teaching corrective exercise and mental/emotional self-therapies which have been run through my Samyama Yoga School.

Experiences influencing this biological focus on health: 35 years clinical hypnotherapy and other ‘mind’ therapies; 50 years of yoga, 20 years as a member of the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross (AMORC); 45 years focus on Chinese medicine; nearly 60 years interest in martial arts.

I pioneered grain-free diets in the 1990s and with Theresa and Rob De Castella, we created the world’s first totally grain-free health bakery in 2003, to provide the full range of bakery products to people who knew from their own testing through the clinic, that ALL grains caused their chronic immune-nervous diseases (

I am an advocate of people taking responsibility for their mental and physical health and not relying totally on a medical system to ‘fix’ them. I am passionate about teaching the tools and techniques I have learned so people can experience ongoing love, joy, happiness, contentment and passion to continually evolve into the best person they can be, day after day. I am passionate about teaching how to age gracefully; how to lift organ function; remove aches and pains and the processes to unload, boost and refocus immune resources and then always feel 20 years younger than other people of the same age. My primary love is the spiritual life I pursue.


A Podcast Bill did with Pete Evans as they discuss health and life.

Larisa Zoska

Larisa is a qualified herbalist experienced in homeopathy, bioenergetics and neuro emotional techniques (NETs). She began working with Bill as an apprentice and has since established herself as one of Australia’s leading natural medicine practitioners.

We Know the Ecology of Human Health


Years Clinical Experience

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Treated Clients

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Case Studies

See what our clients are saying

I have endured a long term illness with a compromised immune system, which has given me a unique opportunity to work very closely with my health and my body than ever before. From this experience I can truly say that everything they teach is exactly spot on and works! As a result of their help my health has improved tremendously and it continues to improve.

I feel great since beginning my signature diet and taking homeopathic drops; I’ve lost weight; I am exercising more; I attend restorative yoga as well as acupuncture. Best of all my headspace is great


Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my GP congratulating me on achieving such good results of late following my pre-op at the hospital. All blood tests were cleared OK so my operation can go forward. BUT the biggest pat on the back is that my diabetes HAB1C result had been reduced


I decided to work with Bill and the team so I could have more energy, and what ended up happening pretty much straight away was extraordinary! More alertness from when I woke. I have lost cm’s from my hips and my ‘mummy tummy’ that I thought I was going to be stuck with forever has gone.


I worked with Bill over several months to better understand my condition and the problems with my immune system. He has helped me to make changes to improve my immune system efficiency, including making lifestyle and dietary changes and using yoga and acupuncture.


Bill Giles and Larisa Zosca at Canberra medical ecology Centre have done more for the health of myself, my wife and my family than any other branch of medicine. They have done wonderful things in terms of identifying foodstuffs that confuse our immune systems and generally advising us on ways to boost our immune systems and keep ourselves in great health. Their approach is both scientific and holistic, a rare combination. An important aspect is that they help you to be and feel in control of your own health, and not be a passive patient of a system. The effect has been so beneficial over a period of over 15 years that we have referred scores of family friends and professional clients to see Bill and Larisa, with great beneficial results.

I have now had occasion to do their KickStart program due to another health challenge in the form of a tumor in the prostate. The method of delivery of the program in individual topics over an extended period with supporting webinars, recordings and one on one consultations has been excellent. Spreading the delivery in this manner has made it very much easier for people to grasp the enormous wealth of information and research that they have at their disposal. This method of delivering information and the health benefits are excellent and will be so much better for the first time client than the previous approach of intense consultations. I understand what is happening in my body, feel healthy from the effects of the cleanse and KickStart programme and feel very confident that I can overcome this challenge.

Based on my experiences and those of people I have referred to the clinic, I highly recommend Bill and Larisa’s clinical services to anyone facing a serious health challenge or chronic ongoing sub-optimal health.

Rod O’Connell, QLD

Our Clinics

Health Clinic Bowral

Health Clinic Bowral

60 Mount Road
Bowral NSW 2576

For appointments with our Health Clinic Bowral phone Larisa Zoska: 0408 942 178

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