To have and maintain loving relationships require that you weave your life with another person’s.  So is Fructose Frying your Relationships?

This weaving requires you to surrender part of yourself, while they too must also do this—so that the fabric of the relationship will last.  Of course what, and how much you surrender, is a delicate balancing act between keeping the essence of who you are and making space for an intimate relationship in your life … and much of this depends on what you perceive the other person is surrendering and how they go about this.

All successful relationships require that each partner regularly refresh their head space alone.  As well, there has to be the regular times, when together, both partners review their intimacy to ensure bonding and connection.  People in successful relationships have learned to switch to supporting behaviour when they recognize that their partner is struggling, feeling down and or ‘out of sorts’.  Understand, that for a successful relationship to endure, when someone is down, someone must ‘stand up’ or the relationship is likely to disintegrate.

Fructose, which is a very common sugar featuring in most of our diets, has the power to destroy relationships.  You’ll find fructose in beers, wines, fruits, table sugar, soft drinks, fast foods, bakery products, and most commercial foods.  High fructose corn syrup is added to most commercial foods while ‘healthy’ sweeteners such as agave, honey, and maple syrup have fructose in them also.  Rice has fructans which can actually give worse symptoms in some people.  Fructose triggers opioid receptors in the brain to switch off specific brain functions—different but in a similar way to what alcohol and some street drugs do to the brain.

In my clinical experience I know that almost every person who removes/reduces fructose from their diet will notice a distinct difference in their emotional outlook, sense of self and brain function.  If you trial removing fructose you will very likely find that you will experience greater clarity, brain fog lifts and your outlook on life becomes much clearer!  There will be an increased connection with yourself and instead of reacting and knee jerking to the behaviour of others, you will be able to more clearly interpret their behaviour with more tolerance, empathy, and insight which will help maintain relationships through stressful times.

Just a few of the signs of fructose intolerance affecting brain chemistry are: ‘fugginess’, mental fatigue, emotional stress, argumentativeness, loss of resolve and discipline, restlessness and a ‘monkey mind’.
These emotional symptoms will generally be worse in people who are experiencing liver dysfunction.  You can check this yourself, by pushing on your liver!

Push your finger tips in and under your right-side ribs (this is best done sitting down and you can lean over your hands so they go ‘in and under’ your ribs.) Comparing how the right side feels to the spleen, under the left-side ribs.  If you feel your liver is painful or hard to push, then your chances of having a problem with fructose will likely be higher than those with a normally functioning liver; i.e. one with no pain or hardness when pushed.

If you are finding that your relationships are an ongoing challenge, where you find that you easily fall into a victim mode, or that everything you do feels like a real effort, it may simply be an imbalance in your brain chemistry.  If you feel that you have fallen out of love with your partner or spouse, before you do anything drastic and make any finite decisions about ending a relationship, I recommend you do a remove ALL fructose for at least one week and see how you feel at the end of the week.  It is difficult to make quality decisions for your life when your brain chemistry is continually ‘disturbed’—as you will naturally default to old habits as soon as you go under stress.

If you feel that your relationship has ground to a halt, that you are stuck, unhappy and can’t see a way out of this rut, you may need to climb to ‘higher ground’ to get a big picture assessment of your life.  Time and perspective allow all parties to see and create the options that can better fulfill life-purposes – both together and your own individual ones.

Being able to observe your life with mental clarity—without attachment to specific outcomes, without control of others, without turning to limiting beliefs, without the feeling that you have no options—begins with resetting your brain chemistry.

If you tend to make risky decisions, or you tend to ‘run away’—if you have given up hope of living a fulfilled life—pause and understand that you may have been observing the world and your situations with a ‘fructose-fried’ brain.
We can assist you to lift the blinds so you can get a full, unobstructed view of your life.  When you have regained clarity, you can then learn powerful techniques to make decisions that can rebuild relationships and help you move forward to achieve your desired life-purposes.
Sometimes shifting the fuel you run your body on will make the world of difference.

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