Start focusing on Your Health.

The Covid-19 pandemic is now moving more into politics, and it will be more and more difficult to really know the truth.  Our communities are starting to be driven into opposing camps of understanding.

However, even if SAR-CoV-2 has been artificially created in a laboritory ( and this (, or is a simply a natural phenomenon that has just got out of hand, you still need to look after your health, and not depend wholly on the medical system when it comes to respiratory viruses.

It is not healthy to live in isolation, so these restrictions will eventually be lifted, and with the unsettled conditions of Winter nearly upon us, we will be more likely to be ‘caught in the cold’.  If this happens, dormant respiratory viruses in your body can be reactivated, and/or make you more vulnerable to the transmission of external respiratory viruses from other people.

This means influenza, along with the array of cold viruses and secondary bacterial and fungal illnesses.  You have dealt with these in the past quite okay and should do in the future if you are competent in looking after your health.  If respiratory infections go too far, you will need antibiotics and or anti-viral drugs to help you out.

Besides keeping adequately warm and taking vitamins, minerals and trace elements as insurance, you should daily use effective techniques, and natural medicines, to buffer emotional stress—which can disrupt autonomic nervous modulation and inhibit immune function.

Attempt to start the day quietly with yourself, in prayer or meditation to focus your day.  Don’t switch on the television, computer or radio, unless it is just music.  People performing, will draw you into external focus of other people and their agendas.  Do this later in the day.

Choose your diet carefully during this ongoing pandemic.  Reduce the volume of free sugars that you eat, and remove all grain-products.  I keep saying this, because I have conducted tens of thousands of case studies linking these foods with immune compromisation, and viral load.  Set up some form of intermittent fasting and have spirits in preference to beer and wine.

If you need specific advice about your health, book in for a consultation with me on 0437 276 447, or with Larisa on 0408 942 178.