Bill Giles

I have quietly achieved many things in my life.  I have built hotrods and surfed as a teenager while studying engineering, but a shakeup in my early 20s changed all that, and if I was to make sense of my world I needed a new direction and a new perspective.  So like many young people of my generation, I set out to understand what my life was all about and how it fitted in with others.  I chose to use biology and yoga to help me with this.  As soon as I finished my engineering studies, I enrolled for another seven years studying biology.  My focus was ecology and ethology. 

Following a few years in research I spent another 30 years in a clinical setting helping people with their mental and physical health challenges—from a biology perspective.  I founded, directed and still work in the Canberra Medical Ecology Centre as a clinical biologist focusing on immune-related illnesses (immunobiology).  I established the Samyama School of Yoga in 1987 and have taught weekly classes in hatha and raja yoga.

After completing several thousand case studies on the interaction between the human immune system and the natural defence chemicals in the plant foods we eat (vegetables, salads, fruits, seeds and grains), I founded the Deeks Health Bakery in 2004 with my close friends, Rob de Castella and his wife Theresa.  This had been the world’s first totally grain and gluten free bakery—the products of which have helped many people across Australasia to live a more normal lives despite their diagnosed chronic immune related diseases.  These health products also promote better overall fitness.

I have published eight books on yoga and several self-help books on chronic immune-related illnesses.  Combining useful knowledge and techniques from yoga and biology I created a 10-week Self-discovery Program which uses both the internet and physical workshops to guide people to achieve a ‘sweeter’ pathway for their lives.  Along with Larisa Zoska who has worked with me in the clinics for 20 years, we created the 10-week Kickstart Program to assist immune function by tutoring people in a protocol to self-determine a ‘Signature Diet’ specific only to them and the state of their immune system.  This way of eating promotes the best mental and physical health possible for each person as an individual at the present stage of their lives.  In workshops, classes and seminars I am still keen to continue to teach people lifestyle techniques, tools and skills that can improve their mental and physical health and allow them to live longer with better health and achieve their particular higher purposes in life.

I still practice martial arts (after 55 years of training).  I still like to surf and snowboard and I am still keen on hotrods.  I am blessed with a loving family, grand children and friendships.

Yoga publications:

Zen Shiatsu 1990.    (out of print)

Trunk Exercises and Yoga Nidra 1993     (available as CD)

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali—a practical interpretation.     2001 (Hard Copy)

In Search of Yoga.     2005 (Hard Copy)

The Yoga of Happiness.    2005 (Hard Copy)

The Yoga of Samadhi.     2005 (Hard Copy)

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika.    2015 (Hard Copy)

Trunk Exercises (with CD).    2015 (Hard Copy)

Books on Chronic immune-related illnesses:

Death Begins in the Colon 1996.   (Out of print)

No More Chronic Fatigue 2001.   (Hard Copy) (PDF download)

The Melody of Healing 2007 and 2010.   (Hard Copy)

Atypical Coeliac Disease 2007.   (Hard Copy) (PDF download)

Coeliac Disease 2007.   (Hard Copy) (PDF download)

Healing Cancer—A six month immune boosting program.   2008 (PDF download)

For Lasting Health—The balance between nature and technology.   2007 (PDF download)

Fructose is Satan’s Sugar 2010.   (PDF download)

Maximising Health and Longevity 2011.   (PDF download)

Understanding Cancer—a series of articles 2017.   (PDF download)

Autoimmune Diseases 2016.   (PDF download)