Bill Giles

As a practicing clinical immunobiologist specialising in immune-related illness, I have been helping people overcome chronic and acute health conditions by addressing immune system dysfunction, using human ecology, immunobiology, evolutionary biology, psychobiology and yoga.

The last 30 years of my life has been helping people with chronic immune-related diseases become free of the medical system, by identifying and addressing the deeper causes of their illnesses.  This had stemmed from a time when I was working in a medical research centre at the ANU, and developed four autoimmune diseases.  I was only offered drug therapy and operations as the way to cope with my illnesses—and given no other options.  As a result I returned to the principles of immunobiology and human ecology and found ways to heal my body, and keep it symptom-free since then.

Healing myself led towards developing programs to unload, boost and re-focus the immune system which then is more able to repair, reprogram and regenerate the body.  The programs use natural medicines, self therapies and 10 lifestyle changes.

People undertaking the protocols learn which environmental/lifestyle factors are disrupting their immune health and causing their chronic illnesses, and this includes autoimmune diseases and cancers.  The protocols are practical ways that everyone can use to take charge of their own long-term health, and become less reliant on the medical system.

During my studies in the 70’s I lived for a few years with the Wik-speaking Aborigines on Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, and I was exposed to traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyles, which broadened my understanding of human evolution, and ecology and the driving forces that make us human.

As well as science and engineering I embraced yoga in my early twenties, and I still practice and teach today.  In my clinical practice I have incorporated many healing philosophies including; homeopathy and herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, Zen shiatsu, acupuncture and Japanese bone-setting.  I am well experienced in clinical hypnotherapy and counselling, Neuro Emotional Techniques (NETs), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), chiropractic Total Body Management (TBM), cranial reflex.  I have been a practitioner of bioenergetic medicine for more than 25 years, during which I was instrumental in forming the Bioenergetic Medicine Association of Australia, created the practitioner competency standards for the TGA, and taught thousands of practitioners the protocols of bioenergetic medicine.

Through thousands of clinical case studies I have found some fascinating links between immune system scarring, emotional stress and the naturally occurring toxins in our plant-based foods, along with specific human viruses and certain lifestyles.  Subsequently I have developed practical and novel protocols to repair immune system efficiency.  In response to the health challenges that the vast majority of people have with grain foods, I established—in partnership with Olympian Rob DeCastella—the world’s first totally grain-free, gluten-free, rice-free and corn-free commercial bakery-cafes.

I love spending time with my talented daughter and my grandsons, restoring my Victorian house, checking out hot-rods, surfing and training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate… in my spare time, I relax writing poetry, and yoga philosophy.