Bill Giles

Bill Giles has been a yoga student, teacher and philosopher for more than 45 years, dividing his focus between the School of Samyama Yoga and the Canberra Medical Ecology Centre where he works as a clinical immunobiologist assisting people with chronic immune related illnesses to transform their mental and physical lives.

He is the author of more than a dozen self-help books varying from cancer and autoimmune diseases, to techniques to improve happiness and fulfillment, to instruction manuals on raja and hatha yoga.  He teaches a unique blend of the practical techniques from psychobiology and yoga to give people life-tools they can use daily to achieve and maintain the highest quality lives achieveable to them.

Bill Giles pioneered the grain-free eating movement to improve mental and physical health predating the paleo movement. He created the world’s first totally grain and gluten-free bakery and cafes, with long-term friend Rob de Castella.

His mission continues as a teacher of mental and physical skills to allow individuals to live longer and age gracefully with more freedom, passion, fulfilment and contentment.

You are welcome to book either a clinical appointment with Bill, enroll in one of his online transformation programs or attend one or more of his yoga workshops.