Every moment of every day as we act, we are responding to decisions—some are big decisions while most are small. It is our big decisions that can cause us most anxiety when the future is unclear. There is a sweet path to every person’s life circumstances. The circumstances may or may not be desirable but there will always be a ‘sweeter’ path to particular life circumstances. For example, two people experiencing the same life circumstances have the freedom to attribute an individual meaning to the circumstances, and they also have the freedom to focus on different details of the circumstances—one may thus attribute a ‘negative’ meaning while the other may attribute a ‘positive’ meaning. One may filter the experience by focusing on the big ‘picture’, while the other may focus on some specific detail. Collage
Whichever way you filter your experiences dictates how you enter the circumstances that follow. The sweetest path allows you to more often obtain fulfilment, love, joy, fun, contentment, achievement and connection rather than sorrow and suffering. Meditation is the process to orient toward the sweetest path of your life circumstances, but meditation is an art form that requires practice and insight into your inner world. It can take considerable time to become proficient. However there are other tools you can use which emulate some of the processes of meditation. A yantra is one such traditional tool to assist meditation, a modern form of which is a collage that is ‘framed’ for a specific purpose.
Using a collage (vision board) is a practical way to help you make better decisions, evolve a more balanced outlook on your life through higher-purpose meaning and understanding of the challenges in your life. Having these will allow you to gravitate to a sweeter path in your life journey.
You and your non-conscious create a collage of images, words and metaphors that is unique to you and your journey. You can then use the collage to evolve your character by ‘frying’ negative synaptic brain pathways, and building new positive, character building pathways.
I can teach you how to create your own collage to use as a remarkable meditation tool to transform yourself! My upcoming 4-hour workshop on making and using collages will give you the opportunity to create your unique collage. You will learn Samyama Yoga therapy and psychotherapy techniques to remove emotional stress, build your character, connect with family and friends, and make better decisions!

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