A few people have asked me why I had stopped writing health blogs, over the last few months. The answer was that I felt I couldn’t rely on the published ‘science’ regarding the present Covid-19 pandemic.

The internet atmosphere had become political.  There was fake news, twisted data, fabricated data, and removal of internet information which didn’t suite big business and political agendas.  Superstition and ego were controlling and dominating the media.

You know I have worked for more than 30 years, clinically assisting people with compromised immune systems to buffer the effects of pathogens (mostly viruses), and biologically toxic chemicals.  As the pandamic moved from weeks to months of restrictions, I found I could not agree with many of the strategies, that the WHO pandemic taskforce was demanding every country adhere.  What I didn’t understand when I wrote my original blogs on Covid-19, was that this virus was not a naturally occurring virus—that it had not crossed from one mammal to another (zoonosis), as I had been led to believe by the media (and you were also).

Most people don’t know the ‘behaviour’ of viruses, nor the ecology and behaviour of the immune system (immunobiology), so they have to rely on ‘authorities’ to give them some understanding.  But what has been presented to the public, is a ‘con’ at worst, or ‘poor advice’ at best.

At last the science is starting to replace the political superstition.  There is increasing scientific evidence (1) that Covid-19 is a chimera virus, created in laboratory experiments based initially on Viral Passaging (2), Antibody-dependent Enhancement (3), Viral-splicing (4), and finally on “gain-of-function” (GOF) research, which resulted in the creation of a “potential pandemic pathogen (PPP) (5)—that escaped from the laboratory in Wuhan.

This is a biological nightmare, equivalent in potential destructiveness, to the nightmare of the potential destructiveness of the atomic bomb.  Covid-19 will now be a part of humanity’s modern diseases (6).

The problem is that this Frankenstein virus doesn’t behave like a cold virus should (7).  After the initial symptoms have subsided, the virus is causing ongoing illnesses in a good proportion of people (8).  These are specific to the individual, depending on the original state of their immune system when they catch the virus.  These people are calling themselves ‘Covid long-haulers’.

A fair percentage of these people are experiencing ongoing intermittent fevers, loss of cognitive function, tremors, gastrointestinal dysfunction, headaches, elevated heart rates/palpitations, arthritis, muscle aches and pains, and a feeling like their body has ‘forgotten to breathe’.  These, and other symptoms such as chronic fatigue, are the precursors to the development of autoimmune diseases, based on molecular mimicry (9) and cross reactivity(10).

The elephant in the room is the Epstein-Barr virus (11).  This is a superantigen virus that currently infects 95% of the world’s population.  It has been found in all types of body cells, and has its reservoir in the B-cells of the immune system (the efficiency of which it alters in many people).  

Google almost any type of cancer, while linking the search with EBV, and you will read about the extensive research identifying this virus with that type of cancer.  Google almost any type of autoimmune disease, while linking the search with EBV, and you will read about the extensive research identifying this virus with that particular autoimmune disease.

The Covid-19 virus is allowing the EBV to activate in many people following their infection. 

The concern is that, since the typical B-cell immune immunoglobulin response against this Covid-19 is only lasting a few months, people who do not become ‘Covid long haulers’ with their first infection, would again be susceptible to contracting the virus again. If they happen to be in ‘the wrong place, at the wrong time’, they could also become ‘Covid long haulers’ and develop chronic immune related diseases.

Covid-19 is incredibly infectious.  It enters the nose through both the nostrils, and the eyes.  It passes through normal face masks (12, 13, 14).  Coronaviruses can stay viable on various surfaces (hair, clothes, seats, walls, etc) for more than 24 hours on some surfaces, and many hours on all surfaces (15).  Social isolation away from all other people is the only sure way to prevent contracting this virus. 

Covid-19 spreads a long way in air without needing moisture droplets (16).  What is the distance you can smell a cigar when someone is smoking?  Beyond this distance, is the aerosol-safe zone to stop coming into contact with the virus.  So what does this say for the tactics that the pandemic taskforce is suggesting will stop this virus.  It will very likely emulate the regular seasonal infections, that the four original human corona cold viruses have been causing throughout the life of every person on this planet.

The key to buffering this virus will not be a typical type of vaccine (17).  A completely new type of drug will be necessary.  Until this is developed (and it could take years, if ever), if you wish to assist your immune system so that it doesn’t scar when you contract Covid-19, there are several effective things that are easy to do with your lifestyle—to unload your immune system. 

There are some effective natural medicines you can take—to raise the efficiency of your immune system, and refocus it, to improve its competency against the Covid-19 virus.  Of the dozen or more things you can do, without having to resort to pharmaceutical intervention, here are three basic ones that I have successfully used with more than 10,000 clients.

a. Unload your Adaptive Immune System

Adopt a totally grain-free diet.
Keep fructose consumption to a minimum.

b. Lift your Whole Immune System

Take immune boosting herbal medicine daily or weekly.
Take magnesium and zinc along with a general vitamin/mineral balance twice a week.


My apologies for the number of references.

For general Youtube information about Covid-19 you could start with:


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