There are two broad categories of back pain.

One type is back pain resulting from a known physical injury and the other is back pain that just occurs for unknown reasons and there is no memory of having been injured (non specific cause). Each needs to be treated with different approaches.

Back Pain

Some people will reason that their recent back pain had its origin 20 years ago when they played some sort of sport. While injuries resulting from contact sports may produce scar tissue, if there has not been ongoing pain for years, and then pain ‘just happens’, then the scar tissue may only be a small contributor to the present pain. Sometimes it is flawed logic to attribute a recent back pain specifically to events years ago. Some new influence will be the major trigger-factor causing the new back pain—and this will have to be determined and treated, along with general exercises and therapy to reduce any additional effects of long-term scar tissue.
Back pain can occur in the lower back (lumbar region), middle and upper back regions (thoracic region). It can sometimes be associated with sacroiliac joints and extend to the hips, sacrum and coccyx. Back pains can be integral with neck and shoulder girdle pains. Back pain can be sharp and acute, sometimes aching and chronic. It can occur from spasms or general muscular tightness that restricts bending and turning. Sometimes it will occur from spinal subluxations and sometimes it will involve sciatic pain travelling down one or both legs.

Back Pain

If you have not had success using treatments such as—acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic, mainstream drugs, physiotherapy, massage, shiatsu, Avazzia and other TENS units, Magnet Therapy or Stretch Therapy—you may get relief through addressing specific trunk organ dysfunction that is affecting the muscular skeletal back regions.

All organs move. Your heart beats; lungs expand and contract; the liver contracts and releases every four to six minutes; the stomach and oesophagus move in complex patterns depending on the digestive process. Similarly the small intestine, large intestine and duodenum all oscillate, squirm, roll and pulse depending the process and responses to foods passing through them.

While all trunk organs move to their own rhythms, they are surrounded by and connected to each other. They leverage off specific muscles associated with the spine, pelvic and shoulder girdles. All trunk organs are not free floating and are interconnected. Their movements are mostly directed by autonomic nervous modulation.

When organs dysfunction then their oscillating movement can be compromised. There will be a flow-on response to the muscular skeletal system associated with the spine and this can be the cause of mush back pain.

When organs are influencing back pain, imaging such as X-ray, CT or MRI scans will not be helpful—unless there is an obvious muscular injury.

Back Pain

Common pain relief medication such as paracetamol may dull the pain but not treat the organ dysfunction. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines can provide a small reduction in back pain, but the side effects could be a real concern in the long run. If you have severe back pain and your current medication is not adequately managing it, think about treating organ dysfunction along with corrective exercise and appropriate therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy etc.

  • We have been working with organ dysfunction that causes back pain for more than 30 years.
  • We can determine the degree of association between organ function and back pain using Electro Dermal Testing.
  • We can provide natural medicines to assist with organ function causing back pain, and through Electro Dermal Testing, drill down to determine the detrimental influences of this dysfunction (pathogens, toxins, epigenetic, immune-related, scarring, tumour, autonomic nervous dysfunction, endocrine, allergy/intolerance, organ twisting, micro and macro-nutrition, etc).
  • We can supply natural medicines (and test for efficiency, optimal dosage and any toxic responses to medicines).
  • We provide weekly corrective exercise classes for all types of physical injuries and associated pains—and we teach people how to undertake their own self-therapies during these classes—as well as getting a workout.
  • We can undertake various therapies or refer our clients to highly qualified therapists.
  • We work with 9 lifestyle factors to improve organ, autonomic nervous, endocrine and immune function to address back pain.

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