There is No Cure For Cancer

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There is no cure for cancer. Medical science, governments, universities, and institutions—are fixated on curing this disease—and there is no lack of knowledge around cancer, but I wonder if the answers we are generating are being viewed through the lens of the wrong science. As a biologist I believe that seeking a cure for cancer […]

Why Did Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer Return After 25 Years?

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Science is now recognising that most, around ninety percent, of all cancers are driven by lifestyle-environment factors, hence over the decades there has been much pure research investigating a holistic approach to cancer, however commercial and establishment medical science has continued to direct its research and application for ‘curing’ cancer by focusing treatment on cancer […]

You Can Stop Endometriosis

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For twenty years we have had really good success at removing the symptoms of endometriosis through our medicine; self-therapy; lifestyle programs such as our KickStart Program.  When we first started and had very high success rates, the medical system was still adhering to the theory that, where there were no diagnosable cause to a woman’s chronic […]

Even Monkeys have Problems with Fruits!

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Fructose is found in three forms in our diet—as free fructose (in fruits, honey, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, etc.), as part of table sugar (glucose+fructose), and in most vegetables and grains—along with chains of fructose molecules, known as fructans. Modern fruits have been selectively cultivated to be much sweeter and lower in fibre […]