“A friend told me about Bill Giles Ecology Centre. I have been seeing Bill and Larisa regularly for a year and have adapted his holistic approach to my life. His advice is sound and based on his many years of research and his own personal journey. I understand now what is driving my cancer and how I can take control of it by caring for my immune system. I feel great since beginning my signature diet and taking homeopathic drops; I’ve lost weight; I am exercising more; I attend restorative yoga as well as acupuncture. Best of all my headspace is great, I sleep well and I’m convinced with Bill by my side I will have good health well into the future.

I see Bill regularly and look forward to our chats. I especially love the extra advice and knowledge he throws in every session.  Bill is never rushed, or boring and I find him easy to talk with. He has an answer for all of my questions and I have access to him by email always for the little things that pop up between visits. I see a team of medical professionals regularly who are very happy with my progress.

I’m forever grateful to Bill and Larisa for changing my lifestyle. My only regret is I didn’t know about them earlier.”

– Jake

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