“I’m convinced Bill has helped me to improve my chances of beating my cancer.  I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in 2016.  Statistically the chance of being cured is low. But I had a successful operation to remove the tumour and had several months of chemotherapy and a month of daily radiotherapy. It was essential for survival to undertake the operation and it was possibly beneficial to have the chemo and radiotherapy. That was all that the doctors could offer.  From then on it would be about monitoring and hope. But I wanted to ensure I gave myself the best chance to survive – not just hope that I would. So I consulted Bill. I worked with Bill over several months to better understand my condition and the problems with my immune system. He has helped me to make changes to improve my immune system efficiency, including making lifestyle and dietary changes and using yoga and acupuncture. I believe that taking these steps has improved my strength, energy, sense of wellbeing, self-awareness and my overall health.  I appreciate that my journey is not over, but I now feel better equipped to survive it.”





Please note that many of our clients go through very personal journeys and don’t always want to be identified in their testimonials.

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