Don’t you find all diets can be proven? There’s a huge range of diet books and dieting plans around, all promising to change your life. It is confusing and for many people frustrating.Diets
The issue is not that these people are trying to scam or con you – for the people who write these books their diets did work. But dieting is not as simple as that. There can be no one diet that is right for everyone.
We talk about the immune system a lot on this site – for good reason – it is the very thing that underpins your entire health.
The strength of your immune system is at its most robust (for the majority) between the ages of 14 and 35. And so it is that most of the people who are promoting diets that are revolutionary are young adults. Because during this phase of life it is, for most, the time when you can handle any of what you throw at your body.
Writing as someone (too) fast approaching 40, I know that my body and how it reacts has changed dramatically over the past few years. I am more aware but it doesn’t take much to knock my brain chemistry off these days…..1 glass of red….1 sugar indulgence – you know what I mean?
Consider this, would you feed a baby or an elderly unwell person a raw, vegan diet? Probably not because we all instinctively know that this is not going to be good for them.
It is really important to work out how your body reacts to food.
We all know someone or someone who knows someone who lived to 100 eating white bread while smoking and drinking daily! And that is very possible but it simply means they had a strong enough immune system to do that – but it doesn’t mean we should all follow that diet, right! If I said that you would ignore me, I hope!
It comes down to accepting that we are all unique, we all have a unique immune system and it has been affected uniquely by what has happened, uniquely in our own lives. You could have lived through the same incidents as someone – but your immune systems will have responded differently. Phew that’s a mouthful. Basically, you are unique!
One person’s immune system will scar easily through emotional and physical traumas while another’s will not.
And so, one person can seemingly eat what they ‘like’ while another will take a grain of rice and be negatively affected by it for up to 6 weeks afterwards. And the effects might be emotional not physical because everything you put into your body is something the immune system has to deal with. Your immune system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis so if you put something in that impedes its ability there will be an effect. The effect can be subtle, it can keep going long after (10 weeks has been the longest we have seen) the food has been eaten making it very difficult for you to associate the problem or it can be so common for you that you don’t even realise it is an effect!
It is only when you start to monitor food and yourself that you will start to see things you never noticed before.
We almost always require clients that work with us to conduct food trials. They are hard work and not all that much fun but, once you can gain an understanding of what foods affect you and how, it will allow you total freedom in life to manage your health and wellbeing to live a longer, healthier and happier life.
If you put in the effort to know yourself well you can follow your own signature diet, perfect for you, and to know yourself is to love yourself.
If you would like to know more about conducting a Signature Food Trial you can contact us or attend one of our workshops.