Deeks 100% Grain-Free Bakery

All Deeks products are 100% grain, gluten, rice and corn free!

They are a fantastic alternative to ‘normal’ breads and pasta that we know can disrupt the health of so many people.

Deeks is ideal for people with compromised immune systems, Deeks is paleo friendly and great for athletes seeking ultimate performance and recovery!

Deeks is the world’s first totally Grain-free Bakery. Deeks breads, muffins and pastas are delicious alternatives to all the traditional ‘bakery’ products. Deeks was designed for people following a gluten-free, grain-free or paleo diet philososhy. Our breads are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, very low in fructose.  And because they have a low GI, it makes Deeks ideal for athletes, people wanting foods that offer long-lasting energy and those wanting to lose weight.

We also make dairy-free, soy-free and sugar-free products and all of our items are free of artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings.

You can order Deeks products easily on line for home delivery.

Deeks makes grain-free living easy!

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Story of Deeks

Through more than 10,000 case studies Bill Giles revealed the complex relationship between cereal grains and the symptoms of immune related ill health. Through working with people with chronic health conditions, for over 25 years, Bill found that many of these same people cannot eat even the smallest amount mouthful of grain products (including those with rice or corn) without triggering symptoms of ill health.

Cereal grains protect themselves with a hard shell, toxins and chemical compounds such as lectins. These can adversely alter the human immune system and are directly relate to autoimmune diseases—the most widely known being coeliac disease. When you eat grains your immune system and liver have to work very hard to neutralise these toxins –  if you have other health challenges its an additional, and unnecessary, strain on your immune resources.

Bill recognised a need for grain-free bakery products as more and more people found rice, corn and cereal grains were directly linked to their ill-health. There were no dedicated grain-free bakeries that could guarantee zero cross-contamination. In 2003 Bill joined forces with champion Australian runner Rob de Castella to develop high quality, great-tasting alternatives to grain-based bakery products.

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