The Body Mind Connection

Certain emotional patterns drive people to either succeed and be happy and healthy, or to fail and suffer despair and ill health.

Most people with chronic immune-related diseases and illnesses have been through periods of emotional stress during which they feel overwhelmed and often resign themselves to their life situation. They quietly suffer sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt or frustration. They lose control of their world for a time. They feel it would be too big a step to take or too risky to overcome the obstacles they believe control their lives. They live in emotional-mental turmoil that is destructive to the functioning of their immune system and in some cases it fails. Without a strong and efficient immune system your organs cannot function correctly and you will develop symptoms of ill health. Often this cements the vicious cycle of resignation and further depression is the legacy.

The good news is this cycle can be broken. You too can create an extraordinary life with drive and focus, achieve your goals and experience happiness, joy and love. All you need is a clear and compelling vision of the high quality life you desire, tools and skills to help you achieve this goal, and a strong resolve to overcome those things which have been holding you back.

This is where we come in!  Bill Giles has more than 40 years experience transforming people’s lives and helping them develop balance in body and mind. We work with you to map simple, small steps for you to take every day which will transform the quality of your emotional life in ways you never thought possible.

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