What is Health Ecology?

Health ecology is an approach that looks beyond symptoms of ill health to the complex relationships between you, your health, and your environments.

Ecology is the study of the dynamic relationships between all living things and their environments. It considers how organisms influence each other, factors impacting this interplay, and what makes them evolve, transform or decline.

The concept of health in ecology is based on the understanding that all living things have genetic, self-healing mechanisms that strive to maintain optimal health and well-being. These are embedded in the human immune system.

Our bodies are composed of billions of cells each trying to live as long and as healthy as they can. The cells in turn come together to form organs which function perfectly when our body environments are optimal. The various cells which make up the immune system are in charge of creating this homeostasis. The immune system is also responsible for defending individual cells against pathogens, destroying unwanted chemicals and removing tumour cells. Our immune systems are strongest when we live within the environments to which we are genetically adapted.

Health ecology applied to an individual focuses on lifestyle—the dynamic emotional, social and mental relationships between you and those around you, the various physical environments you live and work in, and your physical activity and injuries. It involves assessing and adjusting the relationships between your immune system and your organs, emotional fluctuations (neuro-chemical/bioenergy), and genetic profiles, as well as with pathogens and chemicals.

Illness and disease are not self-contained, isolated pathological events with a set of causes acting in a linear progression.

Rather ill health occurs when internal or external environmental conditions shift either too far or too fast for the immune system to adapt, reducing its ability to self-heal. That is, when we live too far outside the environments to which we are genetically adapted. These physical, social, emotional and internal environments can be disrupted by pathogens, chemicals, foods, sleep, stress and geopathic factors.

The Health Ecology Solution works by boosting your immune system so your body can overcome illness and disease naturally. We help you identify and address the factors disrupting your internal body conditions. We teach you self-care skills and therapies to establish body balance and offer coaching to empower you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your entire mental and physical wellbeing.

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